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Bison Leather Computer Portfolio

Bison Leather Computer Portfolio

Product Review (submitted on February 18, 2014):
The exterior of the bag is, obviously, beautiful. Thanks to stiffness created by internal panels, it also holds its shape very well. The bag looks simultaneously luxurious and utilitarian, which is hard to pull off!

The interior provides a great balance between organization and unobstructed storage space. As a software developer, I do almost all of my work on my laptop, but still make use of the document sleeve, pen holders, business card holder, and miscellaneous pockets. This bag has the perfect number and configuration of all of those things. I love being able to simply zip and unzip the main compartment; bags with roller buckles or other clasps are always a hassle. This bag works excellently for bike commuting and as a carry-on.

My only complaint is that inserting and removing my laptop takes a little work because the corners of the bag prevent you from sliding the laptop straight in and out of the sleeve. The laptop in question is a 15" Macbook Pro inside a Thule soft shell carrier. Smaller laptops or laptops without a carrier will probably be easier to get in and out.

I have only owned the bag for two months, but it is becoming obvious that the wear points on the bag are going to be the top outside corners. I take care not to drag it along surface when setting it down but it is hard to prevent the bag from occasionally brushing into things with those angular top corners. I lightly treat the corners with leather conditioner every few weeks to remove any signs of scuffing.