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A Place Called: Atlas A-Frame | Duluth Pack

A Place Called: Atlas A-Frame

Northern Minnesota is a beautiful expanse of wilderness that is visited by thousands of people each year. It is because of this beauty that people use some of the more remote areas to get away for a week or weekend. This is exactly why Kate Becker imagined and started Atlas.

Kate and her husband Tony, are entrepreneurs that have other businesses in photography, traveling photo booths, and wedding venues. Kate's background is in photography and she has a passion for the creative, while Tony is a contractor and has the construction expertise.

Kate and Tony knew they wanted to take on a new project and focus on Airbnb. They had a real eye for A-frame type cabins because of their true northern feel. They found the perfect cabin for sale with a double A-frame and decided to buy it with their friends Taylor and Jamie, who are now their business partners.

Part of the Minnesota feel is having access to the northern wilderness and this is the inspiration and vision that led to Atlas. Kate says they wanted to give the rustic cabin style a bit more of a modern, Scandinavian feeling to it with their renovations. Instead of the ore typical earthy and rustic tones, Atlas features a tidier and more modern look while still honoring the feeling of being close to nature. She says the goal for Atlas was to create a space to escape the busyness of everyday life.

Kate says her favorite part of the renovation process was the loft. This area has a wonderful view of the lake and has a beautiful outlook to watch the sunrise and relax. The loft is the core layout of the A-frame and is in the master bedroom area. It also features a cozy space with a set of rocking chairs and a perfect reading nook. Kate says the most difficult part of the renovation process was the conflicting weather with the outdoor projects.

“We bought the property in September, and by the time we got to work, the temps were quickly changing from fall to winter. There were many days where we would start painting and have to stop because of snow, or weekends when we planned on painting but couldn't because of freezing temps."

The owners had to push a lot of their outdoor projects to the spring season, which put them in a time pinch to get everything running by their March/April deadline. They often would have to stay overnight at Atlas to be ready to keep working the next morning.

Atlas also features a basement and a loft along with the main floor to accommodate groups of up to 6 guests. And yes, dogs are allowed. It wouldn't be a family vacation without all members of the family which is why pets are allowed. Both owner couples have dogs and know how difficult it can be to leave them behind, but at Atlas, you won't have to worry about that.

Atlas opened its doors this past April and has seen its fair share of happy customers already. Not to mention being booked almost entirely through October 2020. The owners began renovations when they bought the cabin in September. The modern interior along with the wide-open spaces and windows gives you a comfortable feel while enjoying the Minnesotan wilderness.

The owners of Atlas put a lot of work into renovating the cabin to make it the jewel that it is today. The owners had to replace all the doors as well as adding the stained deck railings. The entire exterior of Atlas needed to be repainted as well.

“The most lengthy process was definitely all of the painting and staining! The original siding was cedar shakes and they were weathering and fading fast. So, we decided to go with a modern green with black and cedar accents. We love the way this turned out! The paint paired with the new doors makes the exterior look completely different," says Kate.

Kate says that the most rewarding part of the renovation was is to look back on the before pictures to see how far the building has come.

“We love that together with our best friends, we were able to see the potential that no one else was willing to take the risk on. What was once an unfinished, dated cabin, is now a bright, trendy peaceful oasis that people get to come and enjoy!”

Both the bathroom and the kitchen have been completely remodeled and the entire cabin has been given new life. Work and daily life can take its toll over time and having a remote getaway can be just what we need to relax and recharge.

Atlas is available for $240 a night on Airbnb. The property features include 2 bedrooms - 4 beds in total, and one bathroom. Atlas has 1 acre of land and is located directly on Lake Adney and is about 10 minutes away from the nearest town for groceries or other amenities you may need. For more information on this beautiful getaway, be sure to click the link above and check out Atlas on Facebook and Instagram.



- Happy getaway, friends!

All photos provided by the Atlas A-Frame Airbnb site.