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A Place Called: Hart Haven A-Frame | Duluth Pack

A Place Called: Hart Haven A-Frame

The coolest A-Frame available to rent in the Northland - the Hart Haven A-Frame located in Iron River, Wisconsin. Nestled up against Pike Lake, this is a must visit. Book today on Airbnb.com.
A Place Called: Atlas A-Frame | Duluth Pack

A Place Called: Atlas A-Frame

A Place Called: Atlas A-Frame

Northern Minnesota is a beautiful expanse of wilderness that is visited by thousands of people each year. It is because of this beauty that people use some of the more remote areas to get away for a week or weekend. This is exactly why Kate Becker imagined and started Atlas.

Kate and her husband Tony, are entrepreneurs that have other businesses in photography, traveling photo booths, and wedding venues. Kate's background is in photography and she has a passion for the creative, while Tony is a contractor and has the construction expertise.

Kate and Tony knew they wanted to take on a new project and focus on Airbnb. They had a real eye for A-frame type cabins because of their true northern feel. They found the perfect cabin for sale with a double A-frame and decided to buy it with their friends Taylor and Jamie, who are now their business partners.