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How To Cook With Dandelions | Duluth Pack

How To Cook With Dandelions

Many people know dandelions as the pesky little weed that comes around every year. It is time to consider turning that "pesky weed" into a delicious compliment to your next meal. Since you now know how to forage for dandelions, it's time to put those harvested plants to good use in the kitchen. Here is how we recommend foraging and cooking with dandelions. 

Foraging For Dandelions | Duluth Pack

Foraging For Dandelions

Most are familiar with that pesky yellow weed that grows in the lawn every year. Dandelions can grow from spring through fall and are recognizable to almost all. But before you bring out the weed killer this year, consider another option: foraging.

You may not know this, but dandelions are edible and full of nutrients. If you or someone you know is interested in foraging, these are the right natural ingredients to begin on. Dandelions are some of the most abundant and recognizable foraging targets out there, which make them ideal for beginners.