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Good Eats: Old Fashioned Drink Recipes | Duluth Pack

Good Eats: Old Fashioned Drink Recipes

An old-fashioned cocktail. A drink that is sophisticated, charming, and one of the most famous, original cocktails in America. An old fashioned is known as being a macho man’s cocktail of choice. This cocktail has a rich, smooth, and elegant taste that is characterized by a twisted orange peel. Old-fashioned cocktails include the basics, sugar, water, dashes of bitters, and whiskey. 

The classic recipe for an old-fashioned is simple, but individuals’ personalities can flare when it comes to the type of whiskey they choose to put into it. There is a variety of ways to customize an old-fashioned. If you like a spicier drink, you might want a rye whisky, or if you like things a little sweeter, a bourbon might be the best option for you. Whatever your preference may be, we have found four recipes that will quench your thirst and have you feeling classic.