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Charlotte Austin: Climbing Extraordinaire

Charlotte Austin: Climbing Extraordinaire

Have you ever dreamt about summiting Mount Everest? What about the tallest mountain in Mongolia? Well, for Charlotte Austin, those dreams are her reality. Read all about her wild adventures and why she loves Duluth Pack here.
November 19, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Gift Guides for the Guys, the Gals, the Kids, and the Furry Friend

Gift Guides for the Guys, the Gals, the Kids, and the Furry Friend

The holiday season is finally upon us, and everyone is looking for gifts. We’ve put together twelve excellent gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. We worked long and hard on each of these, and we’ve specialized every single one for a different personality. This year, finding the perfect gifts will be easy.

This gift guide blog will explain the products we’ve chosen for The Guys, The Gals, The Kids, and The Furry Friend. Check out our other gift guide blogs for even more!

The Guys

We’ve chosen some of our most fashionable, top-selling products in men’s styles for the guys. The Deluxe Laptop Backpack is a handsome, rugged pack with a great better-with-age aesthetic. The gorgeous leather front pocket is as durable as it is eye-catching. This is a versatile pack, and it’s just as at home in the library as it is on the trails.

The Safari Duffel will look great as a part of any man’s wardrobe. Show off the classic Duluth Pack look in the form of a convenient duffel with this excellent bag! With two ways to carry and a double-reinforced bottom, men will find The Safari Duffel endlessly useful.

The Large Grab-N-Go is another great way to showcase the timeless Duluth Pack aesthetic, but its compact size makes it perfect for carrying small items like tools, medication, gear, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.

Finally, the Bison Leather Wallet is a must-have for any fashionable guy. This quintessential piece looks fantastic, feels amazing, and will hold all your cards and cash safely. It comes in bi-fold and tri-fold designs, and the American bison leather is absolutely stunning to look at.

The Gals

Women’s fashion pieces are notorious for falling apart as soon as you use them—but not these products. We could never sacrifice quality for looks with any of our beautiful items for the gals, though they do look amazing. The Deluxe Market Tote is classically elegant, handcrafted, and extremely durable in the grand Duluth Pack tradition. The reinforced leather bottom will protect this tote for years of heavy use.

The Bison Leather Shell Purse is essentially the be-all-end-all of purses, made from rugged, durable, locally sourced bison leather fashioned into an iconic shell purse design. The gals will love this timeless purse, which works as a gear or camera bag on adventures or as a robust, gorgeous fashion piece around town.

We also recommend the Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse, which is compact, but roomy inside for all of your essentials. It boasts the Duluth Pack logo and classic aesthetic. This purse is practical, handsome, and versatile, and it’s certain to be a perfect daily companion for the gals.

The Travel Kit Bag is another great product for the ladies. It’s perfect for storing everything from work tools and gear to makeup and toiletries, and it’s another lovely leather item, so it’s durable and elegant. This bag is perfect for any woman on the go.

The Kids

Every kid needs a good backpack. Kids’ backpacks follow them through their school days, after-school activities, travel, play, and everywhere else they tread. With this in mind, we recommend gifting the kids a backpack that will last through all their adventures. Duluth Pack’s historic Child’s Packs were first introduced in the 1920s, and they have been popular items ever since. The Child’s Pack comes in two styles—Box Style and Envelope Style—and both of them are fantastic for school, play, and outdoor activities.

For travel, storage, and quick transport, we suggest the Drawstring Backpack. Kids can use this to carry all their favorite things wherever they may roam. It’s great as a gym bag for sports, or as a convenient carry bag for camping or other fun family activities.

Finally, the Mini Game Pack is a necessity for camping trips, rainy days at the cabin, and long car trips. This adorable tiny pack is made of the same durable canvas that we use to make our full-sized bags, and it comes with a miniature cribbage board, pegs, a set of five dice, and a pack of playing cards. Everything fits nicely inside! This bag will provide hours of entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike.

The Furry Friend

Let’s be honest here—everyone knows that gifts for a dog are really gifts for the dog owner. So while, perhaps, a dog may not appreciate the genius and craftsmanship of a premium Portable Pet Bowl, their owner certainly will. And the dog will absolutely appreciate being able to get a nice, cool drink or a tasty meal on the go with this portable canvas pet bowl. It’s perfect for hiking, adventuring, camping, and traveling with pets. It’s easily packable and water-sealed on the inside, and it can attach to a backpack, belt, or leash. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to take their dog on adventures. For holding and transporting treats, we recommend the Pet Treat Bag, which is also nylon-lined on the inside. It has the same features as the Portable Pet Bowl, but even more packable!

We’ve also chosen the Pet Collar and Pet Harness, which are both made from thick, sturdy nylon web, and which feature a unique Duluth Pack web pattern. These will both look great with the Duluth Pack Leather Leash, which comes in brown and black.

The winter months can be tough on dog feet, so we recommend the Duluth Pack Dog Boots. They run in sizes from XXX-Small to X-Large, so every dog is covered. Keep your dog’s feet safe this winter!

For keeping the rest of the dog warm, we have the Dog Coat. It’s made of high-quality waxed canvas with a soft wool interior and has a paraffin wax coating to wick moisture off of your dog. This coat protects dogs from brush, snow, and wind. A must-have for any dog or dog owner.

Take a look at our other gift guides! If you don’t see your friend or loved one in any of these categories, check out our blog for The Trend-Setter, Sportsman/Sportswoman, Athlete, and Jetsetter, or our blog for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple.

Happy Holidays!

November 18, 2019 by Duluth Pack
10 Reasons to Shop Locally

10 Reasons to Shop Locally

Buying local is a great way to support your community and purchase high-quality goods you can trust. Supporting independent, locally-owned small businesses, rather than big corporations, helps keep your money where your heart is. The local businesses in Duluth are part of what makes the area unforgettable. Shopping at them offers an opportunity to find unique items you will not find anywhere else. There are many reasons to buy locally that all customers should be aware of no matter where they spend their money. Next time you go shopping think local and lend a hand to building the visions of the people who make your local community so memorable.


  1. Strengthen the local economy. When you make purchases at local stores and markets, more of your money stays in the surrounding communities. It is estimated that every dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy.


  1. Invest in the dreams of people in your community. Not only will you be purchasing great products for yourself and your family, but you are supporting someone's vision. This encourages people to stay in the area and fosters an always welcomed and needed sense of community.  


  1. Reduce environmental impacts. When you purchase locally, the need for excess transportation and packaging is decreased significantly. Our flagship retail store is less than a mile from our factory location, therefore, reducing the need for extreme transportation costs. Working with other American companies means we can reduce our environmental footprint and engage in sustainable practices. 


  1. Prioritize quality over quantity. Oftentimes, items sold at local stores are not overproduced as fast as possible to keep a constant stock. Buying local, commonly ensures that a large amount of the items being sold are carefully being constructed in house. Here at Duluth Pack, we emphasize the importance of our transparent production practices and handcrafted quality of every pack we make. 


  1. Keep the community unique. Local stores are a great place to find items you cannot find anywhere else. These one of a kind shopping experiences are what keep people coming to the area and set independent businesses apart from any big box store. 


  1. Encourage economic growth and development. The success of small, local businesses that are already in the area encourages other entrepreneurs to come to the city and invest. People will become more interested in joining the community to work, live, and start a family when they see that the area is thriving.


  1. Create more local jobs and business ownership. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses employ 58.9 million people in the United States, and 1.2 million of those people are in Minnesota alone. The more local companies that are in the area, the higher the chance there is for employment closer to home. It also motivates people already part of the community to take the leap and start their own business!


  1. Enrich your social community. Buying local means you are close to the source. This allows you to learn and interact with the hard-working individuals who are producing the products that you love and trust. For example, you can “Meet Your Craftsperson” online by finding your sewer’s name right inside your Duluth Pack and send them a thank you email!     


  1. Know where the products you purchase come from. When you buy locally, you do not have to worry about where the products you are buying are coming from. Often you can go directly to the source of production, whether it is a factory or someone's home. At Duluth Pack, you can participate in free public factory tours where you can meet the dedicated individuals that create our products. Check out the opportunity to visit our factory to see first-hand how our packs are handcrafted. Reserve your spot for a free public tour online today!


  1. Feel fulfilled and make a lasting impact. Knowing the products you are purchasing have a story and are fueling the dreams of others in the community makes them even more memorable and unique.  


This year, shop small and think local! Your choice to support businesses in surrounding communities makes a difference that you can see first-hand. Be a part of if this holiday season and shop at Duluth Pack! Make it even more special and stop by on SaturdayNovember 30th, also known as Small Business Saturday, to celebrate small businesses everywhere!

November 18, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Gift Guides for the Trend-Setter, Sportsman, Athlete and Jet-Setter

Gift Guides for the Trend-Setter, Sportsman, Athlete and Jet-Setter

This winter season, we’ve put together twelve excellent gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. We worked long and hard on each of these, and we’ve specialized every single one for a different personality. This year, finding the perfect gifts will be easy.

This gift guide blog will explain the products we’ve chosen for The Trend-Setter, The Sportsman or Sportswoman, The Athlete, and The Jet-Setter. Stay tuned for even more!



Shop for the Trend-Setter

We’ve selected several of our most popular and eye-catching items for the trend-setters you know. You know your friend is a trend-setter on sight - if they’re fashionable, have a great eye for quality, and an unstoppable sense of personal style. Your trend-setter friend will love the Bison Leather Lakewalk Tote. It’s made from gorgeous, premium, locally-sourced bison leather, and it’s as durable as it is stunning to look at.

Duluth Pack products are known for their quality, but also their iconic look. The Olive Drab Sportsman’s Tote is a perfect marriage of the classic Duluth Pack aesthetic and sleek, fashionable, modern tote design. The trend-setter will love the timeless elegance of this piece, as well as its practicality and durability.

We recommend the Sportsman’s Garment Bag for the trend-setter on the go. It’s a perfect travel bag for clothes, with metal hanging hooks for easy loading and unloading. It’s also made from sturdy, rugged canvas, so you can take it anywhere.

Finally, the smallest of our selections: The Classic Wool Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse. Trend-Setters will appreciate the gorgeous, rugged look of the classic wool, the comfort of the premium leather shoulder strap, and the versatility of this little beauty. It’s great for carrying phones, wallets, makeup, and other crucial items during a night out or a daytime walk.


Shop for the Sportsman & Sportswoman

A good sportsman or sportswoman needs to be prepared for everything the elements have to throw at them and we have them covered. Whether it is fishing or hunting they prefer, we have the products they desire. Our Boot Duffel is sturdy, rugged, and ideal for traveling with gear. It's specially designed to carry a fresh set of clothes separately from muddy boots and gear so that you're always prepared.

The All-Day Lumbar Pack was also designed specifically for sportsmen and sportswomen. It's made to be comfortable, practical, and worn all day long on outdoor adventures. We listened to hunters and built the perfect pack for their needs, so your sport hunter friends will certainly love this incredible gift.

The Sling Pack is one of our most efficient packs, and it’s great for anyone out hunting or fly-fishing specifically. It’s accessible with zippered pockets and roomy storage spaces, which makes it ideal for carrying essentials. It’s super comfortable, too.

Any fly-fisher will appreciate our Fly Wallet. Its interior is made of soft Sherpa, great for storing fishing flies, and its exterior is sturdy durable canvas. It's lightweight, and it comes in bi-fold and tri-fold varieties, depending on your needs. Your fly-fisher friend will be able to transport their flies easily and keep them close at hand. You never know when you're going to have a great fishing opportunity, and keeping those flies close at hand is the key to maximizing potential. Your friend will thank you!

The Bushcrafter is a heavy-duty pack with a heavy-duty job, but it won’t feel heavy on your friend’s shoulders with its compression straps and waist belt for stability and comfort. The Bushcrafter is meant for navigating thick bush, which means it has a taller, thinner design, and compartments for a folding saw and replacement blades, as well as an axe sleeve. This pack has so many useful technical features that the best way to see how perfect it is for sportsmen and sportswomen is to just go ahead to the Duluth Pack catalog listing and look at the photos for yourself. It truly is the ultimate sportsperson pack. If you have a friend or family member who doesn't have The Bushcrafter yet this holiday season, now is the time to gift one to them—they deserve it!


Shop for the Athlete

The athlete is an inspirational person, always pushing their limits and training to improve their skills. They earned some great tools to help them continue their passions. We recommend the Gym Bag, which (like its larger counterpart, the Boot Duffel) is made for transporting a clean set of clothes alongside gear. It’s meant to separate gym shoes and socks from going-around-town clothes for the fitness-guru on the go, which they’ll love.

If your athletic friend likes a more traditional look, our Round Duffel is perfect for them. It's durable, simple, and classic, and it's got a lot of space for traveling with more gear. Efficiency, pure and simple.

Maybe you think they’d like something more versatile. The Market Tote makes an excellent workout bag, but it’s also great for any other situation, as well. It could be a grocery bag one day, a book bag the next, and it could accompany your friend to their daily work-out in-between. The Market Tote is an all-purpose gem, but the athlete will find it particularly useful.

The Roll-Top Scout is another excellent bag for gym gear, but this one is built to be worn as a backpack. It’s small and lightweight, but it comes with extra canvas on the top so that it can hold as much gear as you need it to. Joggers and bikers will love this bag.


Shop for the Jet-Setter

This person may travel for work, or they may simply love flying around the world to visit new places. The person in your life who finds themselves traveling often will greatly appreciate Duluth Pack’s specially-made bag for flying: The Jet-Setter. It's convertible with three ways to carry, with several pockets for organizing items and accessing them based on need. Flying can be a hassle, but The Jet-Setter takes so much pressure off of organizing and transporting items. This is an excellent gift for any frequent flier.

We also recommend the Weekender Duffel, which is made to be carry-on luggage. It’s tough, roomy, but small enough to fit in overhead storage. It has two ways to carry and multiple pockets for organization. We designed this item with flying in mind, and it’s perfect for any traveler.

Your traveling friend will never want to part with the Leather Travel Kit Bag, which is made to transport any toiletries, shaving razors, medicine, makeup, and any other small everyday items they might need. It's made of beautiful, durable leather, so it's not only efficient and practical but also dapper.

Another excellent small bag is the Sportsman’s Kit Bag, which is also made to organize toiletries, but in a canvas bag with our classic Duluth Pack logo and aesthetic.

Anyone who travels will make great use of these gifts, and they'll appreciate you for it this holiday season.


There’s more to come! If you don’t see your friend or loved one in any of these categories, check out our blog for The Guys, The Gals, The Kids, and The Furry Friend, or our blog for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple.

Merry Christmas from Duluth Pack!

November 11, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Gift Guides for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple

Gift Guides for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple

Everyone knows someone who is a master of gift-giving. What a talent, to be able to find something thoughtful and personal for everyone you love! On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who find the whole gift-finding process more than a little overwhelming. There are so many options! If you've ever walked into a store the day before a holiday, found the first employee you saw, and begged, "help me!" you're probably in this category.

Well, worry not— we have your back. We’ve put together twelve excellent gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. We worked long and hard on each of these, and we’ve specialized every single one for a different personality. This year, finding the perfect gifts will be easy.

So whether you’re a king of gift-giving looking to keep your crown, or if you find yourself overwhelmed by the options, we have something for everyone.

This gift guide blog will explain the products we’ve chosen for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple. Stay tuned for even more!


Shop for the Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is always prepared. This is someone who works on-the-go, someone who takes pride in professionalism, someone who knows the value of staying organized. We’ve chosen the Entrepreneur Briefcase for this hard-working professional. It’s the ideal blend of form and function for businesspeople, with the sleek aesthetic of our top-selling Executive Briefcase and the zipper closure security of our Freelance Briefcase design. This way, your entrepreneur can carry all their things in style, on their commute, through their travels, and anywhere their business takes them.

Sometimes you don’t need an entire briefcase for your purposes, though, and we have a solution for that, too. The Document Brief, which is perfect for carrying files, papers, and writing pads without the bulk of an entire briefcase. Like all our products, it’s made of tough, quality material, and looks amazing.

Duluth Pack's handcrafted Travel Valet can be a lifesaver for someone on-the-go. There's nothing worse than losing your keys, cards, or money while you're traveling, so any entrepreneur will greatly appreciate this choice of gift.

Finally, every professional needs a good place to write down their notes and spur-of-the-moment ideas. We recommend our Leather Journal. It’s stylish, it’s made of premium leather, it’ll last for a long time, it’s refillable, and it’ll make all of their co-workers jealous. Nothing screams “professional” like a classy leather journal, and you can bet that this one is made with that legendary Duluth Pack quality.


Shop for the Adventurer

Do you know someone who loves to hit the trails? Or how about the water? The adventurer loves the challenge of trekking through the wilderness—whether that means hiking the mountains, canoeing the Boundary Waters, or exploring wherever they go.

We’ve chosen our favorite outdoor pack, The Wanderer, for this free-spirited friend. It’s so useful! It’s uber-protective, it has roomy water-bottle pockets, and there’s an easy-to-access front pocket for cameras, maps, phones, snacks, or anything else you need to grab on-the-fly. It’s great for work or school, too.

Think your adventurer friend might want something even more versatile? We recommend our Deluxe Roll-Top Scout. Its rolling top makes it uber-adjustable, it has easy-access zippered pockets, and its sleek design makes it perfect for mountain-bikers, commuters, and students. Plus, it has a sturdy reinforced leather bottom with hand-cut details. Deluxe, indeed!

Finally, we think every adventurer should have the Sparky. The Sparky is one of our best-selling daypacks, and that’s because it’s so useful in every situation. No matter where you take Sparky, it’ll be an ideal companion in your day-to-day and your greatest adventures.


Shop for the Host

The host is someone who loves to provide for their friends, and now it’s your turn to give back with something they’ll truly appreciate. The greatest gift you can give to a giver is something that helps them do what they love, and that’s why we’ve chosen our fantastic Canvas Apron. It’s extremely durable, which makes it the ideal apron for woodworking, cooking, gardening, and even industrial use—it comes in three sizes, so you can decide how much coverage your host or hostess needs.

We also recommend the Leather Wine Case. It’s practical and gorgeous, wrapping your bottle of wine in soft Sherpa material and protective (and beautiful) Duluth Pack leather. A host will be able to store and serve their wine in style, indoors and outdoors.

If your host or hostess prefers craft brews or enjoys sharing them, they'll love the Growler Pack! It's made of durable canvas and makes transporting growlers anywhere easy. You can attach it to a bike or wear it with a strap.

It’s so fun to host an outdoor party for friends, and these products are all designed and chosen with that idea in mind. We hope you and your favorite host have a great time bundled up around a grill or campfire, sharing some drinks and treats.


Shop for the Couple

It can be tricky to find the perfect gifts for a pair, so we’ve done it for you. The couple could be your parents, newlywed friends, in-laws, or favorite pair of hosts. We’ve decided that the Fanny Pack would make a perfect gift for the couple - it comes in multiple sizes. It’s perfect for outdoor exploration or travel. We also recommend the Leather Passport Wallet, which is protective and stylish for the couple planning a trip around the globe.

The Luggage Tag, constructed of premium leather, is also great for travelers (and may even encourage your favorite couple to visit you more). It’s beautiful and practical, and the durable leather construction will keep this tag holding tight wherever it goes.

The Couple is also sure to love the Growler Tote. They can use this to carry a 64 oz growler anywhere, and it’s perfect for adventures of all kinds.

Any of these gifts are certain to impress the special couple in your life. Treat them this holiday season!


There’s more to come! If you don’t see your friend or loved one in any of these categories, check out our blog for The Trend-Setter, Sportsman/Sportswoman, Athlete, and Jetsetter; or our blog for The Guys, The Gals, The Kids, and The Furry Friend.

Merry Christmas from Duluth Pack!

November 11, 2019 by Duluth Pack
5 Packs for $75 and Under

5 Packs for $75 and Under

The holiday season can be an extremely hectic time as there is always something to do and be prepared for. For some, it may be work that fills the schedule and for others, it’s trying to make sure the family holiday party goes without a hitch (for once). This holiday season, our goal at Duluth Pack is to make the gift-giving the easy part, so you can focus on what matters the most- family, friends, and fun times!


We have gathered five of our favorite packs for under $75 that will make great gifts for anyone. You’ll be happy to gift someone a Duluth Pack manufactured bag knowing you will provide them with something that will last a lifetime.


Shell Purse: Starting at $75

The Shell Purse is a classic staple. Made with our durable 15-oz canvas and premium leather, it is one of our best-selling purses for a reason! This bag is an excellent choice for the stylish on-the-go person on your list. Offered in three different sizes and 17 canvas color variations, there is sure to be a style for everyone. The Shell Purse is so versatile it can effortlessly go from the natural paths of the forest to paved city sidewalks over and over again. Feeling fancy? Find this essential piece in all-leather, classic wool, Bison, and Sunbrella fabrics.


Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse: Starting at $75

You cannot go wrong with any version of the Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse. The Deluxe Grab-N-Go is a definite favorite because it is so convenient! This bag can be used for almost any occasion and is perfectly sized to fit all of your necessities. Pick one made with our Classic Wool for your friend with a trendy style or Olive Drab for your more minimalist friend.


Drawstring Backpack: Starting at $60

The Drawstring Backpack is great for going to the gym, short hikes, and keeping your kid’s items in one place. The adjustable leather lace drawstrings double as the shoulder straps and bag closure. Simply toss what you need in this bag and go.


Promo Tote: Starting at $35

The Promo Tote is the smallest of our totes, but made with the same amount of durability and versatility of our larger ones, making it an effortless fit for any busy lifestyle. This tote makes a fitting replacement for flimsy reusable bags and is just the right size for quick trips to the market. A terrific choice for the on the go individual who doesn’t want to lug around a large tote, but wants all their necessities close by!


Large Grab-N-Go: Starting at $40

We have said it once, and we will continue to say it a million more times; the Grab-N-Go is the perfect do-all bag. The Large Grab-N-Go has an oversized design that makes it ideal for traveling and holding things you want to keep close, making it ideal for the family member who is always on the move. Grab one in Hunters Orange or Mossy Oak Bottomland for the friend that is always in the stand and you’re set to go! 

November 04, 2019 by Duluth Pack

Exclusive Holiday Bundles

The holidays are right around the corner— and here at Duluth Pack, we understand that finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list can be incredibly difficult. If buying for your friends, family, and coworkers seems impossible, check out our hand-picked bundles featuring limited-edition, exclusive items! Buying a bundled assortment will help you save a bundle (literally), and you'll be gifting your loved-ones some of our top-selling products. Each of our bundles is designed to suit someone special in your life and cater to different kinds of people. We hand-picked every single item to pair well with each other, so each collection is certain to bring some wintery holiday cheer to your friends and loved ones (or even yourself). Plus, when you buy a bundle, you'll save a lot. As in, 40%-50% a lot. Wow! Shopping for presents? Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered.


Stocking Stuffer Bundle

The Stocking Stuffer Bundle is one that you will not want to overlook. The perfect bundle for everyone on your list. It comes with a Duluth Pack bundle exclusive logo beanie, ceramic campfire mug, tasty chocolate rocks, and a multi-use Duluth Pack Cinch Bag. It's the ideal size for any stocking or gift bag, and there's nothing finer than having a warm drink on a wintery day in your favorite hat.



Holiday Cheers Bundle

Our Holiday Cheers Bundle is packed with some of our most popular items. Anyone and everyone will love receiving this bag of treats! This bundle helps you to bring a piece of home with you wherever you travel. The Holiday Cheers Bundle features our best-selling Duluth Pack logo beanie red which is exclusive to bundles only! It also comes with a reusable cinch bag and two gear stashes. Our gear stashes are a great way to safely hold all your essentials while traveling and take up minimal space. Enjoy a cool brew in a pint glass with our iconic logo and keep your fingers warm with the premium leather pint sleeve that comes with it! We even added a leather key fob to use as an accessory for your keys or bag. This bundle is certain to bring holiday cheer to any friend or loved one.



Nice List Bundle

Here at Duluth Pack, we love our pets. So we put together this Nice List Bundle because we know our dogs (and their owners) need high-quality gear for their adventures. After all, they are our best friends! In this bundle, you'll find everything you need to take your pup for a great walk, hike, or camping trip. Your dog will look ready for adventure in a stylish Duluth Pack Bandana, and you'll be fully equipped with a cinch bag, travel bowl, treat bag, and sturdy leash featuring our Duluth Pack logo on them. Treat your four-legged buddy or someone who loves theirs with this bundle.



Mistletoe Bundle 

The Mistletoe Bundle is made for celebration! This Bundle evokes warm memories of gathering around the fireplace and sharing laughs with your family and friends. The Mistletoe Bundle is perfect for having a great time with good company, and it's a wonderful gift for your host/hostess, your family, your parents, your favorite couple, or the one you love. This bundle includes festive items like four logo pint glasses with hand-sewn leather sleeves, for enjoying frosty drinks together on cool days. The Mini-Game Pack will keep you and your friends entertained at home or out on the trail. The package also comes with two gorgeous and exclusive beanie hats, a cinch bag and an exquisite moose-shaped brass incense burner with accompanying Douglas Fir incense to fill any home with the cozy warm scent of the woods.

Little Reindeer Bundle 

Feed a young adventurer’s spirit with the Little Reindeer Bundle, which is perfect for kids of all ages. The Little Reindeer Bundle includes a Mini Game Pack for hours of fun outside or indoors, some chocolate candy rocks, a child-sized red beanie, and a copy of Goodnight Loon—a delightful story that adults and kids will love, which celebrates the outdoors and wildlife of the Northwoods. Spark a love for the outdoors and exploration with this wholesome, kid-tailored bundle. Kids can even use the Duluth Pack Cinch Bag as a fun travel tote. The more the merrier!


We’re so excited to share the merriment this holiday season. We put a lot of care and thought into crafting these bundles, and each one has something special for your special someone. The winter season may be chilly, but the spirit of friendship, family, and community that we celebrate during the holidays will keep you warm— that, and a nice red beanie.


Happy holidays, and happy bundling!



October 28, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Hidden Gems: Lake Superior's South Shore: Cornucopia, WI

Hidden Gems: Lake Superior's South Shore: Cornucopia, WI

Lake Superior is synonymous with Duluth Pack as it has been our home base since 1882. So maybe you're wondering, what makes this area so unique? Why have we stayed here for so long? 


Duluth and the other incredible cities and towns that surround Lake Superior are what makes the North so memorable. With remarkable opportunities to get lost in the outdoors, Lake Superior is unlike any other, as it is the largest freshwater lake in the world. It has almost 3,000 miles of shoreline and holds many secrets that are truly hidden gems waiting to be found on your next adventure.  


Somewhere between Duluth, Minnesota, and Ashland, Wisconsin, down scenic HWY 13, lies a lesser-known area of Lake Superior called the South Shore. Here you can find sandy beaches, local fisheries, and fresh artesian wells all in the same place. Enter Cornucopia, WI, a quaint town found down the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway.

 (Scenic Byway photo via Lake Superior Magazine)

Settled on Lake Superior's Siskiwit Bay lies Cornucopia, better known as "Corny" by the locals. Home to the Northernmost Post Office and the Historic Ehlers General Store, which first opened in 1915. Corny has the atmosphere of a slow summer day, a stark contrast to fast-paced society and city life. Enjoy a cold bottle of Wisconsin-made Black Cherry Cream, or Kitty Cocktail flavored Point Soda, with a classic striped paper straw. As you walk across the wooden floorboards of the General Store, you will feel the nostalgia roll in.


The Northernmost Post Office still uses the same antique brass mail slots from years ago. When you enter, it makes you feel like you have stepped into a different era, while the friendly staff at the Ehlers General Store will make you feel like a local the second you step inside. Despite being one of the only spots in town where you can get goods, you will be happy you stopped! Here you can expect to find unique souvenirs, local foods, and an experience unlike anywhere else.

 (Halverson Fisheries photo via Flickr)

Across the highway, you will find the Cornucopia Harbor filled with multiple destinations all within a short walk of one another. The Cornucopia Harbor houses two separate marinas within it, the Bell Marina and Siskiwit Bay Marina, Inc. Halvorson Fisheries is a favorite fresh fish supplier for local folks and restaurants. Fresh loads of Whitefish, Lake Trout, and Salmon come in almost daily and is filleted and ready to be cooked the second you buy it. If you are a fan of smoked fish you can find it here as well, just don't forget your napkins!


The Green Shed Museum, located in the original harbor fish house, holds over 100 years of history including photographs, art, and antique fishing items. The old washed up fishing boats that sit on the shore are a testament to the town's past. One last destination to look at in the Harbor before you head over to the beach is the local boutique and art shops that fill the other old fishing buildings along the Marina.

 (Green Shed in 1930's photo via Bayfield County Historical Society) 

Last but not least, adjacent to the Harbor is Cornucopia Beach. As you head over, you will immediately hear a rushing of water along with the waves of Lake Superior. However, you will find that the rush of water is not coming from the lake but from an artesian well tucked underneath a gazebo near the parking lot. Here you can fill your bottle with an endless supply of fresh cold water straight from the spout that continually runs day and night. Be sure to visit the beach around the 4th of July, when Cornucopia hosts its annual fireworks show!

 (Cornucopia Beach photo via Pinterest)

Cornucopia without a doubt brings to life the ideal of small-town charm, capturing the hearts of anyone who travels there. Make your next trip a memorable and take some time to slow down in Cornucopia, WI.


October 19, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Merrell X Duluth Pack

Merrell X Duluth Pack

Here at Duluth Pack, quality craftsmanship is not just a core value— it’s a way of life, and it’s the way we’ve operated since day one. When we came together with our friends at Merrell to create two pairs of durable, comfortable, and protective boots that would withstand the test of time, we knew we were making something special. Merrell’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, like our own, is rooted in a heritage of love for the outdoors and the intrepid spirit of those who venture there.

For years, people have used our quality products side-by-side. Basically, anyone who works or plays outside knows that you can’t put your feet in better hands than Merrell’s, and Duluth Pack— well, Duluth Pack has your back.

It was a no-brainer! We had to team up and channel that shared heritage of quality craftsmanship into something we could both be proud of: the new Merrell x Duluth Pack Moab Duluth 8” Waterproof WorkBoot.

This sturdy, versatile WorkBoot is expertly crafted with full grain leather, canvas uppers, and Merrell's COMFORTBASE™ footbed and midsole technology for increased shock absorption and cushion for long days on your feet.

With both a steel toe option and a soft toe option, there is something for everyone— whether you are working hard or adventuring in the outdoors.

Each pair of boots is inspired by Duluth Pack materials, featuring American leather details, olive drab canvas, and our iconic brown leather logo.

We were excited to share this journey with Merrell, and we are excited to share your next journey with you in the new Merrell x Duluth Pack Moab Duluth 8” Waterproof WorkBoot. You can get this WorkBoot exclusively at the Duluth Pack flagship store, or on DuluthPack.com, Merrell.com, and Zappos.com.

It was truly a treat to collaborate with our friends at Merrell. We know you will love this product as much as we loved crafting it for you.

Here’s to successful teamwork!




Merrell X Duluth Pack Moab Duluth 8" Waterproof WorkBoot Specks:

• Waterproof leather and canvas upper

• Merrell M Select™ DRY impermeable membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape

• Leather and breathable mesh lining

• Traditional lace closure

• Metal hardware

• Bellows tongue

• Kinetic Fit™ Elite blended EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch and heel support

• External stability arms for durable protection

• Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability

• Molded nylon arch shank for midfoot support and flexibility

• Strobel waterproof construction

• Steel Toe protection;

• Oil and slip resistant rubber outsole

• Merrell M Select™ GRIP rubber tunes each outsole with durable traction that grips when and where you need it

• Heat resistant outsole provides foot protection for brief periods of direct contact that meet or exceed 500 degrees

October 15, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Made in America

Made in America

In recent years, “Made in America” has become a buzzword when purchasing items and marketing them. Here at Duluth Pack, we have been handcrafting our products in Duluth, Minnesota since 1882, making us the oldest canvas and leather bag manufacturer in the United States. We have never fallen for the buzz of these words, but instead, have always known the importance of them. They mean pride and heritage. Patented December 12th, 1882, we have been in continuous business for 137 years. Every time a pack is handcrafted, every time we see someone wearing a pack, and every time a pack heads to a new destination in the world, we feel a sense of honor. The products we create are more than just accessories to have. They are a story on their own, and in your hands, they’re a story waiting to happen.


We are incredibly proud of being able to say that we have been “Made in the USA” since our inception. It is not a claim that everyone can make, but it is one that represents dedication and tradition. We love watching our Craftspeople sign their names onto the packs they handcraft, alongside the “Made in America” tag. A goal of ours at Duluth Pack is to be as transparent as possible. Sharing with you how we create our products and why we are so proud to be making them in Duluth, Minnesota pays homage to our founder, Camille Poirier, who started his legacy over a century ago.


What does it mean to be Made in the USA?


It is more than the simple yet incredible feeling of being able to state that our packs are Made in America. It is also more than the pride of having our Country's flag embroidered on a tag inside our items. It is a reminder and a purpose. Since we are Made in the USA, we can create jobs and opportunities in Duluth, an area we have cherished for years. We can contribute to the community and help build the local economy while consistently create high-quality canvas and leather bags, duffels, outdoor packs, and more that are made to last a lifetime. Furthermore, we can create a promise for the future of Duluth and continue building and promoting the local manufacturing industry in an authentic and ethical way.


Set your roots in the community and join us in celebrating heritage, whether you are from Duluth or elsewhere across the globe. Whenever you shop locally or choose to buy American-made products, you become a part of our story. We want to know your story and what being part of the Duluth Pack family means to you. Share with us!


October 06, 2019 by Duluth Pack