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Camping With Your Dog 101

Camping With Your Dog 101

Camping with your dog can increase the bond you two share, create lasting memories, and remind you to live in the moment. Whether it be backpacking through the mountains, a weekend in an RV, tenting at your favorite place or canoeing the Boundary Waters. Camping with your dog will be a great experience, but it just takes a little more planning. It is imperative to know the rules before you go, so you and your dog can make the most out of the trip.

The most general rule is, wherever your car can go, so can your dog. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Dogs are generally not allowed on hiking trails in National Parks. There may be a limit on the number of dogs you can have at your site. Remember rules will vary from place to place, so check while planning. Backcountry camping rules will vary based on the location and who manages the land. Beaches usually do not allow dogs, but some are dog-friendly. 

To have the most enjoyable time with your dog, research the rules and regulations while planning your trip.

Public Developed Campgrounds

Public developed campgrounds usually allow you to have your dog with you. These campgrounds are often close to a city, so if you plan to go on day trips to the city, plan a dog-friendly option. If you don't plan on going into the city, make sure your day trips are still dog-friendly. These campgrounds will also have a lot of people, so make sure your dog is trained and leashed at all times.

National Parks

Almost all National Parks will allow dogs in the developed areas, meaning the campground, parking lots, and picnic areas. However, dogs are not allowed on the backcountry trails because National Parks do not limit where wildlife can go, meaning wildlife may attack your dog. Again figure out the rules while planning your trip to see if your furry friend can join you or if you have to make other arrangements.

State Parks

State Parks are often dog-friendly, they allow dogs in the developed campground, on most trails, and at some beaches. Some State Parks will feature dog-friendly amenities such as drinking fountains, clean-up stations, dog beaches, and dog parks to list just a few. State Parks are an excellent choice for dog owners because they offer so many dog-friendly activities. However, their remoteness may be limited, so if you are looking for more off-trail camping, check out the National Forests.

National Forests and Bureau of Land Management Land

The U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management manage more than 440 million acres of public land. The good news is most of that land is dog-friendly, so feel free to go off-trail and explore. While in these areas, you may be able to take your dog off-leash if they listen to your commands. Dogs are also allowed in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area if they are on a leash while portaging. 

General Tips

Your dog will always be there. In most states, it is illegal to leave a dog without adequate food, water, or shade. Which means always bring your pup with you, and make sure they are not disruptive to other people or dogs. If you have to go someplace not pet-friendly, it is not a good idea to tie your pooch up outside. It is much better to leave someone outside watching your dog. Having a pet is also a great way to meet other people because most will want to pet it.

Keep your dog on a leash at all times. The rule is six feet or shorter for most places. Fido must be on a leash while hiking, but also in the campground. A harness is a great way to take the pressure off their neck, and it makes controlling your dog a little easier.

Clean up after your dog. Yes, we understand this is not always fun, but because so many people are enjoying the outdoors, it is respectful to other people. Make sure you throw the bag away in a proper location, many places will have dog waste specific cans.

Make sure your dog is well-trained. This one is more for the dog owner because it will make your life easier. One of the best commands to make sure your dog understands is “leave it” because most pups like to explore out a lot of things. It is also smart to make sure your dog does well with others because you might see other pets depending on where you go. 

Pack enough supplies for you and your dog. Make sure you pack plenty of water for you and your dog. Some gear we recommend is a portable water dish and a treat bag. You should also make sure your four-legged friend can keep up with the challenging trails and is in the proper physical shape.

Check the rules while planning your trip. When planning a trip, check the rules to see if your pet can come along. Pet-Friendly-Travel has rules for most places, and some helpful links to check out. Be sure to check the regulations at your destination.  

Have fun. It is always important when traveling to make sure you have fun. Camping with man's best friend requires more work but take in the moments and bond with your pup. Hopefully, you and your dog will create many memories while camping together.

Happy travels, friends.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Gifts For Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Gifts For Him

Just when you thought that the holidays were over and you could catch a break from the shopping madness, Valentine’s Day peeks right around the corner. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him can be tricky, but Duluth Pack has got you covered. Whether you’re looking for ideas for the businessman, the outdoorsy guy, or the homebody, finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be a challenge.


Gear Up Your Outdoorsy Guy:

For that special guy in your life that’s always eager for his yearly fishing trip, a mini tackle box for when he’s packing light or a soft-sided one to be the most organized.

Is hiking more his thing? Keep him prepared by giving him the gift of a long-lasting original outdoor backpack. This pack is ideal for those who enjoy spending their time out on the water canoeing. With the ability to fit in the confines of a canoe, this backpack will make his canoe adventure a breeze.


For When Travel Is His Calling:

Whether he’s a business traveler or looking to get away from the colder months in Minnesota, our travel and leather passport wallets are perfect for those who are on the move. All of his documents will be available at hand; he won’t need to fret about losing any of the essentials.

Let’s not forget to pack a bag! Our durable round duffel is ideal for traveling light.

For those guys that travel on business, he’ll be arriving at his meetings in style with our entrepreneur briefcase.


The Classic Valentine’s Dinner Date:

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to follow the pack of others and go out for a romantic dinner with your significant other. He’ll be feeling his best before the evening with beard oil and balm. Both are great Valentine’s Day gift ideas to have him (and his beard) feeling the best.


Luckily this Valentine’s Day, Duluth Pack offers the best gifts for your loved one. Whether you’re shopping online or at the retail store location in Canal Park, Duluth Pack is the perfect place to shop for your favorite guy this Valentine’s Day.

Head over to the Duluth Pack website for more gift ideas that your special someone will love.

Capturing Memories with Three Irish Girls Photography

Capturing Memories with Three Irish Girls Photography

Think about that one wall in your house, the one with all the pictures hanging on it documenting your life, and those embarrassing pictures you wish were never had taken. Now think what they would look like if you hired a professional photographer. They would most likely look better, no offense to your family photographer.

Enter Three Irish Girls Photography, a studio located right here in Duluth. Sharon McMahon is the artist behind it, who has been voted "Best Photographer in the Northland" three years running.

McMahon grew up near the shores of Lake Superior, but she moved away to be a high school teacher in Washington, D.C., and California. She moved back to open her studio and became a fulltime photographer for the Duluth area.

She started with photography when she owned a yarn dyeing company. She would take pictures of her products for catalogs, which would get distributed all over the world. Her growing yarn business required a photography studio to get the best quality picture, so she built a studio in her production facility. After doing that, McMahon became extremely busy with photo sessions and eventually sold her company to become a full-time photographer.

McMahon has been running Three Irish Girls Photography for the past seven years, meaning she knows the area, and how to make you feel comfortable. No matter what type of picture you want, she offers it, with sessions for newborns, maternity & fresh 48, grads, families, headshots, and weddings.

McMahon has taken pictures as far away as Jamaica, but she primarily shoots in Minnesota and Wisconsin, with Duluth being her favorite place. “We have so much variety in Duluth—beautiful forest, gardens, fields of wildflowers, sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, vistas, and interesting architecture—basically everything except palm trees and cactus,” says McMahon.

In her free time, she likes traveling to her favorite places Paris and Maui. As many people know, winters in Northern Minnesota are not always pleasant. She enjoys traveling between January to April for a well-deserved break from the brutal winters. Sharon also recommends that you should be flexible with dates because there can sometimes be a $500 difference between a few days.

McMahon is very excited for 2020 for many reasons. First of all, it is a new year and a new decade, and secondly, she is launching a new course which will teach aspiring photographers the ins and outs of photography. Her long term goal is to get into consulting with other creative content creators to help build their dream business and travel around attending and speaking at various photography conferences. 

Her favorite things to photograph are newborns, high school seniors, families, and couples in love. “My goal is to capture images for you that are joyful, unique, emotional, and beautiful, and for us to have an amazing time while doing it,” says McMahon. Sharon looks up to landscape photographers and photojournalists for capturing such epic shots, but those are not in her wheelhouse.

Duluth Pack is fortunate to have many friends, and we are thankful for Three Irish Girls Photography, she has done an outstanding job with some of our pictures. McMahon is in love with our Bison Leather collection, (and it is one of our favorites too) for its quality and beautiful look. When it comes to her favorite product, she goes for the Bison Leather Shell Purse.

If you are looking for your next photographer, look no further than Three Irish Girls Photography, contact her today to set up your session. And remember by hiring her, there will be no more awkward or embarrassing pictures you wish to forget.

Smile on, friends.

Craft Beer Discussion with HOOPS Brewing

Craft Beer Discussion with HOOPS Brewing

Duluth Pack chatted with Hoops Brewing to discover more about Hoop's history. Hoops loves how Duluth Pack is an iconic brand and attaches people to the Duluth area. Hoops Brewing also collaborated with Duluth Pack and has created a seasonal beer called, "1882" based on the year Duluth Pack was founded. It is a delicious lager which was the beer of choice in the northland area during the late 1800's. 
Cedar + Stone Nordic Sauna

Cedar + Stone Nordic Sauna

Duluth is home to incredibly hardworking and ambitious people. A Northern city on the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth is known for its culture of hardy outdoor adventuring and its breathtaking views of the lake. The legendary winters of our city lead many people to seek out the relaxing effects of heat and steam. Justin Juntunen, founder of Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna, knows the powerful positive influence that the sauna has on the body and mind.



Cedar and Stone is a fresh, quality experience. We’ll be the first to admit we’re used to saunas built in dark, tight spaces-- perhaps you’ve also known the joy of having a “crafty” great-uncle or cousin who tried to woodwork a sauna in his backyard-- but Cedar and Stone elevates the sauna experience to true luxury. Built on hydraulics, this traveling sauna features handcrafted cedar benches, a striking wood stove, space for 10 to 15 people, and panoramic windows with views of Lake Superior. The beautiful build of this sauna will travel to local hotels and spaces around Duluth so both tourists and locals alike can enjoy Cedar and Stone’s unique sauna experience. 

Duluth has a history with saunas. Immigration brought the tradition to the region during the 1800s and early 1900s, when immigrants from primarily Scandinavian countries moved en masse into the territory. Duluth’s modern culture emphasizes wellness, as well as unique Northern experiences like downhill skiing, mountain biking, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Public and community saunas once dotted the hillside of Duluth and Canal Park. Today many of those spaces have gone away or moved to private saunas in people's homes or cabins. Juntunen sees value in helping to revive the tradition of community sauna. 

Juntunen is no stranger to the essence of the north, having grown up in the Northen Minnesota, just outside of Duluth. After working around the country in higher education and non-profit leadership, Juntunen realized his desire to return to the North and work for his community. The land and the lake drew him back, but his passion for the city made him stay. Juntunen believes that the city of Duluth is certain to flourish, and is committed to investing in the growth of the community and culture here.

So why the Nordic sauna? As a new business owner and father, Juntunen has an intimate understanding of the way that stress can easily wear on your mental and physical health. Besides providing a place to let go and spend time with people, saunas have a number of great health benefits! A good sauna can increase immune system support, improve heart health, flush toxins from the body, reduce anxiety, and help to promote the best sleep ever! The sauna is unique because it provides a place for your heart to work, but your limbs and body to rest. 

However, you don’t hop on a mountain bike and tackle a hardcore trail without training, and the same goes for the sauna. What makes Juntunen’s sauna special is that it is a space to learn from expert professionals. You will be taught how to enter the space, breathe properly and learn what is happening to your body as you sit. As different benches experience different amounts of heat, you will be able to choose your challenge. Remember - it isn’t a competition! Sauna is a tradition of equality. As an old Finnish saying goes, “All people are created equal; but nowhere more so than in a sauna.”

Juntunen will teach you what steam does for your body, how to hydrate properly, and to take time to slow your mind while being present in the sauna. He even plans to add in aromatherapy sessions to truly ignite the senses and invigorate the mind. Did we mention the sauna will include a cooling session afterward? Choose to cool off naturally, or be daring and take a dip in Lake Superior! 

What we love most about Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna is that, like Duluth Pack, it is built upon quality. As you experience this ancient healing process, you can enjoy the beauty of the handcrafted sauna build, the view of the lake, and the company of those around you. Juntunen is committed to creating a lasting Duluth experience. Duluth Pack understands and appreciates the value of doing work that people truly believe in, knowing the people behind the ideas, and supporting the local community. We look forward to many soothing, invigorating saunas in the future with Cedar and Stone.

Juntunen says that he loves his Duluth Pack Scout Pack, a limited-edition piece from our Fairbault Woolen Mill series that he was able to snag. He recommends it as an everyday bag to carry all your gear and daily essentials! According to him, this is how you survive Duluth’s tough winter-- warm saunas and tough gear. We can’t agree more!

As Juntunen put it, once you know what you want to do, you need the patience to do it right. That’s a sentiment that Duluth Pack can get behind.

December 17, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Spring Creek Manufacturing

Spring Creek Manufacturing

When it comes to finding the best way to transport a canoe, whether across a portage or the country, it can be frustrating, and even dangerous if you do not have the right gear.


Here is where Spring Creek Manufacturing enters to help answer all of your paddlesport needs whether it is how to carry a canoe, stabilizing units, or car and truck racks.


Spring Creek Manufacturing was founded in 1985 by Ted Newberg when he was looking for a better way to carry, haul, portage and propel canoes and kayaks. Today it is run by Vice President and Partner Grant Sega after being purchased in July of 2017. Sega became involved in the company after going to them for a new product idea, since he had been using their products for many years he knew their high-quality design would be ideal for his new product idea. After various talks, it was discovered that purchasing the company with his dad, Tom Sega—president of Duluth Pack—would be an option.


Spring Creek Manufacturing started with its innovative Canoe Seat/Yoke when launched in 1985 and the design has not changed much over time. It is still available to purchase in their original design. Today they offer a variety of paddlesport specific items and industrial products some designed for the contractor, sure to meet their heavy-duty needs and some designed for everyday use. They have now expanded their product line to include many relevant things a canoeist is sure to use and want.  

Photo via Spring Creek Manufacturing

Having an odd number of people wanting to go on a canoe trip can lead to arguing over who has to sit on the bottom of the canoe, and most likely get wet. Luckily we have found an answer to that, with the Drop-In Seat. It has been perfectly designed for adding a third passenger or even a solo trip. Adding additional people to the canoe can increase the chance of tipping and trust us flipping a canoe is not fun, not to mention how everything gets drenched. The best way to reduce the change of flipping is to get the HD Canoe Stabilizer Complete Package and now your flipping worries are over.


On his days off, Sega tries to spend as much time outside as he can, being an avid hunter and fisherman. The Duluth News Tribune recently wrote about this winter in Duluth with current snow totals of 42.5 inches of snow, double the normal amounts for this time of year! Which is perfect for Sega because he can dust off his snowmobile and get outside to enjoy the trails and fresh new powder. Sega is also a huge football and hockey fan and tries to watch as many games as he can.


Growing the business has not been an easy task, as getting the word out to people can be the toughest part of growing any business. Although getting products on Amazon.com has helped spread the word of their company and how great their products are, just read some of the reviews, you won’t find a bad review! One of the biggest successes they had was expanding their line of industrial products, which also helps with the seasonal aspects of some of their business. Spring Creek was featured in Forbes.com which helped spread the word of the growing business.


Sega’s goal for the next couple of years is continuing to expand the business with all the positive changes he has made recently. With the continued growth he will be hiring more employees as the business allows it. He plans to achieve this by increasing website sales, brand awareness and wholesale business.

Photo via Spring Creek Manufacturing

After running the company for a few years Sega was able to launch his new product idea. The Tuff Camp Saw. This saw features an extremely simple design that can fold and collapse allowing for easy transportation, the saw also features an incredibly strong design. "For anyone looking for extremely simple yet versatile camping saw, brush saw, hunting saw, or clearing saw then they need our Tuff Camp Saw," says Sega. It is made from high-quality aluminum so it will never rust and did we mention how light it is, it weighs under 2 pounds! It is available in 21", 24" and 30" blade lengths allowing for long and quick cuts. The combination of lightweight and long saw blades allows for easy, efficient cut strokes.


Having a dad who knows so much about business can be a great mentor to anyone especially if you are new to the business world. Sega says “My dad has been the best business partner I could have ever asked for.” He is thankful for having someone who knows as much as his dad does and is willing to share some tips and tricks while navigating and running a business. 

We have all seen someone with a canoe strapped to the top of their car and it just makes you think “how is that even possible?” Without the right equipment, it can be dangerous, which is why we recommend buying the Tuff Truck Rack because it is designed correctly and safely. It is not limited to carrying just canoes, it can also carry ladders and equipment for the contractors. It features an extremely simple yet strong bolt/clamp-on design allowing it to fit most trucks with no drilling required.


Here at Duluth Pack, we love American made companies and that is what sets Spring Creek Manufacturing apart from the rest. They continue to stay American made no matter what happens. They are dedicated to local business and have no plans to change that anytime soon. They source all labor from the small town where they are located.


At Duluth Pack, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products and something we love to share is Duluth Pack stories. Sega has had his Large Standard Backpack since he was in third grade when it was given to him as a gift by his parents. He used it all through grade school, high school, and college and he still uses the pack today! If the pack could talk, it would tell travel stories of visiting countless different states, multiple different countries, and even different continents!


So if you are planning a canoe trip soon, want to feel more confident with your canoe abilities, or are looking at an adaptable car or truck racks head over to Spring Creek Manufacturing and start looking around! And if you need a canoe pack, we have you covered.


Paddle on, friends!


Written by Bradey B.

December 16, 2019 by Duluth Pack




ITEM #1 - The Grab-N-Go:

The Grab-N-Go is truly a do-all bag. Conveniently sized, this little bag serves many purposes. Use as a clutch when going out, fill with writing utensils for class, or keep small necessities in it while traveling. It is just as durable as any of our packs and can keep up with any lifestyle. This mighty bag works well for the uncle who is always on the go and the friend who needs some organization help!

50% off - In-stock colors only. While supplies last.
The Large Grab-N-Go is both efficient and practical. Large enough to carry tools, medication, small gear, cosmetics, hygiene products, business accessories, or technology cords, you will never want to be without it! Featuring our classic Duluth Pack logo and aesthetic, this durable bag will make it through all of your travels or every-day uses.

50% off - In-stock colors only. While supplies last.



ITEM #3 - Canvas Travel Vallet:

The Canvas Travel Vallet can be a lifesaver for someone on-the-go. There's nothing worse than losing your keys, cards, or money while you're traveling. This handy vallet takes up little to no space in your luggage and can be used in your bedroom, hotel room, or even your car. Your belongings may change over time, but the travel valet is guaranteed to be with you for life.

50% off - In-stock colors only. While supplies last.
December 12, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Happy Birthday, Duluth Pack!

Happy Birthday, Duluth Pack!

Everyone loves Duluth Pack backpacks, but not many people know that our legacy started with shoes. Camille Poirier, a French-Canadian immigrant, was known for his high-quality, durable leather shoes when he first set up shop in Duluth—a little frontier town on the edge of the world, at the time.

            Poirier’s skills with leather and canvas were highly sought-after by the people living and working in the area—trappers, lumberjacks, traders, hunters, and travelers who needed durable products that would last through the harsh Minnesota elements. He invented the “C. Poirier Pack Sack” in 1882, on December 12th (our birthday). It became so wildly popular that, to this day, “Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness exploration” is essentially synonymous with “Duluth Pack.” Poirier’s original design is still available as the #2 Original Pack.

            The world has changed a lot since 1882. We walked on the moon, cured polio, invented microwaves and automobiles, saw two world wars, and entered a Digital Age. Duluth Pack is still here, of course. There will always be wilderness explorers-- hikers, sportsmen, canoeists, and adventurers of all kinds. And one thing about the world which will never change— whether we live in cities or in rural areas or far from society, on the edge of the world, like Ashley Bredemus (blog link)—there is a demand for premium, hardy, high-quality products that are built to last. Duluth Pack has designed packs, purses, rifle cases, wallets, totes, and much more to suit the needs of all kinds of people living in this changing world.

            Here at Duluth Pack, we are proud to say that we are the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack maker in the United States. We stand true to our core values of being Made in America, handcrafting premium products out of the highest quality materials, and backing our products with a lifetime guarantee. This year, Duluth Pack is celebrating its 137th birthday by offering 40% off from its exclusive Sunbrella® collection. This sale is available both in-store and online. This is the best time to get one of Duluth Pack’s great Sunbrella® products, which are engineered to be resistant to sun exposure and outdoor elements. They’re also gorgeous. The offer only lasts as long as supplies last, so you’ll want to act quickly.

            Duluth itself has changed greatly from the little frontier town it once was. From a wilderness town to an industrial one, then from a rapidly-growing port city to a peaceful residential town, and finally blossoming into the beautiful gem-on-the-water, big city with a small-town vibe that it is today. With all of its amazing local craftspeople and businesses, Duluth has grown and transformed. For 137 years, Duluth Pack has been proud to be a part of Duluth’s amazing history, as well as the city’s vibrant community.

            Duluth Pack is proud to continue its century-old tradition of quality, American-made products, and durability guaranteed for a lifetime. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of the amazing adventurers, explorers, and intrepid souls out there who inspire us to create packs and bags built to last through all of their adventures. Join us in our celebration with 40% off of all Sunbrella® products, link here: http://bit.ly/2OBysSh

            To our history, and to the future!


December 12, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Why We Go Into The Woods

Why We Go Into The Woods

When we go into the woods, we remind ourselves what it means to be human. We go to confront our limitations, to bask in the quiet stillness, and test our boundaries. When you go into the woods, go prepared with your waxed canvas, close friends and positive spirit. 

December 10, 2019 by Duluth Pack
Ashley Bredemus - Life at the End of the Gunflint Trail

Ashley Bredemus - Life at the End of the Gunflint Trail

Meet Ashley Bredemus - one of the toughest Minnesotan's we know! Living her life in the deep wilderness at the end of the Gunflint Trail, read all about her adventures and wild life without running water, cell reception, or indoor plumbing.
December 10, 2019 by Duluth Pack