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Pack to School | Duluth Pack

Back to school means a lot of things, like focusing on classes, making sure you get enough sleep, and maybe the best of all, back to school shopping! Back to school shopping is a simple way to get excited for the school year and find the motivation to go to class, even in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter. If you need some tips to make this upcoming school year a successful one check out our 5 Tips for Back to School Success post. Find all of our back to school favorites in our Pack to School, Fall 2019 Catalog! 


When it comes to finding the right pack for your school year, important features to consider include size, laptop pouch needs, and color. All of our bags are durable and made to last to keep up with every lifestyle! We also offer 15 different color variations for almost all of our packs, making it easy to find one that you will love. Here are some of our back to school favorites, for making your year a success!   


Backpacks and Briefcases:  

Deluxe Laptop BackpackThis Backpack is one of our favorites because it has the design of a classic backpack, but details you will only find in a Duluth Pack. An excellent choice for any student with reinforced leather detailing and a padded pouch to protect your laptop, this bag can keep up. The large main compartment can fit your textbooks, lunch box, and more with ease. 


Roll-Top Scout: If you want a backpack with a sleeker design, the Roll-Top Scout is the pack for you. Ideal for those who love to bike around campus, the Scout conforms to fit you and your needs. This bag allows you to roll the bag into a size that works for whatever load you are carrying.        


City BriefcaseThe sleekest of our Briefcases, the City Briefcase is great for the commuter. Professional yet durable, this briefcase smoothly goes from campus to your job, and back home again. With an internal water bottle holder and two snap closure pockets on the front for accessories, you can stay hands-free and ready for the busy day ahead.    


Handbags and Accessories: 

Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse: This purse is the perfect size for going out on the weekend or carrying with you to class. We love it for its minimal convenient size and ability to keep all your essentials close and in one spot.   


Market ToteThe Market Tote is almost the complete opposite of the Deluxe Grab-N-Go. It is just as durable, but more than five times the size. This tote can hold everything, whether it is outdoors gear or decor for when you move into your new apartment.   


Gear Stash Bag: If you are looking to be more organized this school year, the Gear Stash Bag is for you. Available in three versatile sizes this bag is ideal for keeping your essentials and storing inside of your pack of choice. Toss into your pack and head to class without worries.   


Eco Cotton Beanie: This beanie is favorite because it is cozy and eco-conscious. Two important things to consider as a Northland nature enthusiast. The Eco Cotton Beanie transition effortlessly from crisp fall days to cold Minnesotan winters and will leave you stylishly comfortable.  


The Little Things:  

210oz Standard Mouth Bottle: This bottle can keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and beverages hot for up to 12. Great for carrying with you to class and conveniently sized to fit into your pack. The 21-oz Standard Mouth Bottle is essential for keeping you hydrated and carrying your Monday morning coffee.  


Stickers: The Logo Sticker and Roll-Top Scout Sticker are great for sticking on your water bottle, laptop, or planner. A fun way to give some character to your everyday items and celebrate Duluth Pack heritage.    


August 05, 2019 by Duluth Pack