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The Pack is Back! | Duluth Pack

Similar to a well-aged Duluth Pack, passed down from generation to generation, worn with adventure. A constant through changing times, all that is needed is a few small repairs and some TLC to breathe new life.

Welcome back to the Official Blog of Duluth Pack; The Pack Report. We’ve taken some time off and made some changes, but we are so excited to announce that we are back and ready to show you more life behind the pack!

Why start a blog? It’s relatively simple. We wanted to start a community involving the hard-working Americans who handcraft our products from start to finish and provide a way to connect them to you, the loyal fans and followers who make this all possible. Our tagline, Person Behind The Pack, is a universal phrase used to describe both the perspective of the people who are behind creating the actual packs and you, the adventurists who travel, explore and create endless amounts of memories once the pack is yours and you are the one behind it.

On this blog, you will find worldwide adventures, a look into the Duluth Pack history books, the latest happenings here at the factory, and so much more! We hope this blog is as fun to follow as it is for us to create. 

Have any questions? The content you would love to see? A story you would like to share? Or something regarding Duluth Pack that you are particularly curious about? Write to us! Send us an email at marketing@duluthpack.com

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