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Unplanned Adventures | Duluth Pack

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It’s officially summer. Duluth lawns are speckled with dandelions, and there are canoes, sailboats, kayaks, and paddleboards exploring the waters of Lake Superior and the surrounding lakes and rivers. Here at Duluth Pack, we are so excited to be going outside without having to bundle up first. Of course, here in the Northland, there are always days when we might want a sweater, but our parkas are going into storage for at least a few months. With the arrival of summer, we’re looking forward to the adventures we’ll have both big and small.  

It’s so easy to have little unplanned adventures when it’s this nice on the North Shore. Day trips to hike or sightsee require almost no work- just sunscreen, a snack, some water, and a dream. One way to facilitate small adventures is to pack in advance. If you put some granola bars, a book, and sunscreen in a bag in your car you’ll be able to get out the door that much quicker on weekends or after work. Quick jaunts to local trails or even up the shore become easy if you keep essentials with you. You can even bring your bike with you on a rack to make it quick and easy to take advantage of Duluth’s wealth of mountain biking trails.  


Growing up, we always loved summer because it meant time free to play and nurture curiosity in nature. It can still be that way, it just requires a little more foresight- the bare minimum to facilitate a fun, adventure-packed summer. Imagine how much more time you’d spend outside if all you had to do was grab a bag and go. Packing essentials, and even storing things like a fleece and rain jacket in a pack can be the difference between feeling like you can go do something and feeling like you might not have time. All you have to do is 20 minutes of prep and you’ll be set for the summer-ready to seize the day and fully experience the beauty in your own backyard.