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Duluth Pack Holiday Gifts Guides 2020 | Duluth Pack

Holiday Gift Guide 2020


With the given times, there is no such thing as starting your holiday shopping too early. Here at Duluth Pack, we are dedicated to making your shopping experience as easy as possible. We have created our gift guides to assist in finding the highest quality of gifts for your family and friends while staying within your budget. We have broken it down into various pricing categories to make your buying experience simple. Whether you're shopping for family or friends, we have countless options to satisfy everyone’s holiday wishes both in-store on Canal Park Drive or online at duluthpack.com.


Around $25 and Under

Looking for stocking stuffers or a small, thoughtful gift that remains the highest of quality? You’ve come to the right place. Our Beanies and Darn Tough Socks are necessities to keep warm and stylish on a cold winter day. Not only are we here to keep you warm on the outside, but also to warm you on the inside. Ground Paddler’s Coffee Blend emulates flavors of rum, caramel, and vanilla hazelnut. Pair this coffee blend with its Campfire Mug or Frosted Mug counterpart and you have the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.  

If you have family members or friends who are foreign to Duluth Pack and have yet to check out our larger packs and bags, the Grab-N-Go and Gear Stash may be the perfect gift to begin their love for our USA made and handcrafted products. This multi-purpose Grab-N-Go bag can be used as a travel kit, make-up bag, or even a clutch. The Gear Stash Bag speaks for itself. Whether they’re an avid hiker looking to pack light or simply in need of some more organization, this versatile bag can store all the essentials in one place. Pair it with our Canvas Cleaner, Leather Cleaner, or Leather Dressing that is crafted to keep our canvas and leather in its peak condition.

Bring back campfire memories with our Campfire Incense Holder. This unique, handcrafted log cabin imitates a real wood fire as the smoke from the incense pours out the chimney. The Northern Lites Pancake Mix is another comforting gift idea. A one-pound bag of pancake mix comes in flavors like apple and pumpkin pie, hot buttered cinnamon roll, and even Minnesota wild rice is the perfect gift for someone in need of the comforting flavors of Minnesota.  

If you’re looking to add some unique Duluth Pack pieces as stocking stuffers, the Key Fob makes a great accessory for your key chain or your bag. Crafted with American hides, our Leather Snap Card Case is a necessity for everyone, and the perfect size to fit in every pocket. Another Made in American gift option is our Pint Sleeve which is handcrafted for the beer or beverage connoisseur in your life. Our Pint Sleeve is sure to keep your beer cold and your hands dry between breweries runs, and it packs easily into a pocket when it’s time to head out.


Around $50 and Under

The famous Duluth Pack Logo Sweatshirt, Logo Crewneck, and Paddle Hoodie are staples in every wardrobe and a gift everyone will love. Whether around the campfire, on a ski trip, or relaxing at home, these cozy items are sure to make anyone feel comfortable and at home.

Give a gift that will last a lifetime with Duluth Pack’s premium leather that is sure to satisfy anyone’s holiday list. We have a variety of handcrafted leather items from Leather Belt’s to a Money Clip Wallet to a Leather Travel Kit Bag. A belt that will last a lifetime is seemingly unheard of, but our premium Leather Belt available in black and brown promises durability and enduring quality. Our no-nonsense Money Clip Wallet is simply designed with a brass money clip to secure your bills while staying compact. Our Leather Travel Kit Bag is essential to bring on a work trip, camping excursion, or time abroad and is guaranteed to stay sturdy through it all.

Give a unique gift to the outdoor enthusiast with our Tuff Camp Saw. This strong, durable, and easy to use folding camp saw is the most versatile, easy to use saw on the market. 

Finding a spot to put items on a long bike excursion seems to be difficult, but you are able to solve this predicament when you gift our handcrafted Candy Bar Bike Bag to the biker in your life. This bag stays out of the way as it is meant to be placed on the handlebars and is the perfect size to fit all the essentials.

Another gift idea for the brewery enthusiast. Our Growler Tote is the perfect on-the-go item with its canvas base and cotton webbed handle that makes it easy to carry.

Our Large Grab-N-Go bag and Canvas Bi-Fold Wallet are perfect essential items that can be used no matter the lifestyle. After using our compact, lightweight Large Grab-N-Go to carry essentials when traveling, camping, or simply going to work, you’ll be wondering how you lived without it. Choose from 2 sizes of Duluth Pack bi-fold wallets that are constructed with durable canvas for long-lasting life.

Around $150 and Under

Our handcrafted packs and purses make for the perfect holiday gift no matter who you’re shopping for. The Market Tote and Deluxe Market Tote are the perfect carryall bags for your day, night, and weekend travels. These bags are made to fit all of your items in one place, so you only need to carry one bag.

We have a variety of options for any gal in your life that may be in the market for a fashionable and functional purse. Our Standard Shell Purse is a closet stable in its ability to transition effortlessly from a day filled with exploring to a weekend brunch. Made with rugged, durable canvas, and premium leather straps, this bag is made to last. The Deluxe Shell Purse embodies all of the great qualities of the Standard Shell Purse with additional premium leather detail to add character and durability. The Mini Haversack is the perfect purse for travel and on-the-go use. This bag is designed to sustain all of life’s adventures and keep all your necessities on hand.

Our packs are second to none when it comes to functionality and durability. They are sure to get every bit of use out of them while remaining as tough as they were the day they were crafted. Our Sling Pack is one of the most efficient yet versatile packs and is sure please anyone you’re gifting to. Equipped with numerous pockets and elastic cording detail, this pack can fit all of your items and is ideal for fly fishing, biking, and general commuting.

Our Scout Pack is a more versatile version of our famous canoes packs that our company was founded on. These packs still embody the great qualities of our canoe packs but are more compact for everyday use. Another variation is our Roll-Top Scout Pack which emulates similar qualities of the original Scout Pack with an added roll-top bonus. The roll-top is crafted to accommodate anything you can think of on your next adventure. On the topics of canoeing, we have the perfect canoe Drop-In Seat to pair with a new Scout Pack. When you’re looking to add passengers to your canoe or simply sick of seating uncomfortable in your travels, the Spring Creek Manufacturing Drop-In Seat is sure to make your travels safer and more efficient.

The Ranger Pack is one of the newest additions to our fleet of handcrafted, durable bags. This pack is the perfect size for any age that you may be gifting for. With a box gusseted body and bottom, this product packs a punch. 

The Sportsman’s Kit Bag is the perfect make-up bag for the gal in your life or the ideal shaving and toiletry bag for the man. The classic canvas silhouette fits perfectly in any luggage to organize essential in a stylish manner. Our Bison Leather Bi-Fold Wallet is a beautiful staple piece that will last a lifetime.

The ideal gift for the outdoorsman who is always making sure there is plenty of wood on the fire. Our Log Carrier makes carrying firewood easy with our premium rolled leather handles. There won't be any more wood debris on the floor or clothes with this handy contraption.

Another gift idea for the biker in your life. The Midtown Roll-Top Pannier Bike Bag was crafted for the avid biker and can hold clothes, groceries, water bottles, and anything you may need on your next bike excursion.



Giving a gift from Duluth Pack this holiday season is sure to put smiles on everyone’s and create countless memories. The pack you give will be used for years, even centuries, to come. You are investing in a piece that will be there for your loved ones through all of life’s adventures.

Our Large Standard Backpack is great for school, work, or even hiking. This is an everyday use backpack that is durable and made to last through a lifetime of events. Another backpack that is crafted for adventures and aesthetics is the Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack. This pack is similar to our original Scout Pack in the sense of size and ruggedness, but with an added premium leather detail.

Our Bison Leather Line is made for durability and fashion. We have multiple products available that can fit anyone’s needs whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an everyday travel bag.

A rugged twist on our classic Market Tote, the Bison Leather Market Tote is a must-have. The perfect size to fit all of your items and to spice up any outfit. In similarity, the Bison Leather Lakewalk Tote is a slightly smaller version that emphasizes security.

Gift the traveler in your life the most timeless, durable, and functional Sportman’s Duffel. Constructed with a top-loading zipper and rolled leather handles and shoulder straps, this duffel is made for ease. If your traveler is looking for a flashier piece to enhance their travel style, the Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel is the bag for them. This bag is only going to get better with age and is sure to be a staple piece for everyone's travels. Most likely to become a family heirloom.

If you're still on the look-out for the perfect duffel, we have more a few more ideas in mind. A sleek and more compacted version of our Sportsman's Duffel, the Weekender Duffel is the ideal carry-on item for your next flight. Our Safari Duffel is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. It embodies our classic, rugged canvas that can withstand the toughest of life’s adventures. The Zippered Round Duffel is similar to the Safari Duffel in durability and spaciousness. The small side pockets are perfect for placing your keys or wallet whether you're at the gym or traveling. 

Assist your businessman or woman counterparts with the gift of a long-lasting briefcase. The days of buying a new briefcase every couple of years are coming to an end, and they will forever be grateful to you for it. Our Entrepreneur Briefcase is an excellent to-and-from bag for all working people. From better to best, we took our Entrepreneur Briefcase and swapped our rugged canvas for premium bison leather in our Bison Leather Executive Briefcase. Both versions are sure to be a go-to from the office to the terminal.

A premium bison leather twist on our classic shell purse, the Bison Leather Shell Purse is sure to enhance any outfit for a casual lunch date or a night on the town. This sleek yet rugged purse is perfect for the person in your life that needs a lifelong, everyday bag.

The Wanderer Pack is the perfect, go-to pack for everything outdoors. This spacious bag containing plenty of pockets is a staple to take along on hikes, camping trips, or a picnic.

We have designed our Rambler Pack to be a host for all items on your next hike or canoe trip. It is made to be the perfect size for a quick trip up the shore or a night in the woods.

Our #3 Cruiser is a stem off of our traditional canoe packs that were our first items crafted over a century ago. This pack is a necessity for any traveler, worker, or even a photographer. With 47 liters of space, everything you need to survive through your travels can fit all in one pack.

For those rugged individuals who demand a pack that can not only survive but thrive in a wilderness setting, the Bushcrafter Pack is the new standard. This pack is crafted to be a lifelong companion and has space for everything needed for a successful outdoor excursion.

For the lover of sleeping outdoors, our Bedroll is an essential item that will create a life-changing difference in comfort. Protected from dew while allowing airflow, sleeping outside has never sounded so appealing.

Our carry-all Deluxe Book Bag is the perfect gift for the student or the future CEO in your life. We have crafted this bag to fit everything needed on a day at the office or class while also keeping organization a top priority.

Our rugged, durable, and functional Range Bag is sure to be the last on ever bought when you gift it this holiday season. There is plenty of room for storage and organization with multiple pockets, and it is handcrafted to withstand the toughest hunting adventures.

The Banana Bike Bag is the best bag to take along on any bike ride while staying comfortable with its compact size. This bag is designed to fit under the seat of a bike and is able to carry all the essentials needed while staying discrete.

If you're still stuck on what to get that special someone or looking for a last-minute gift, an E-Gift Card is sure to be a hit no matter who you’re shopping for. We also provide Holiday Bundles that consist of our signature, handcrafted items all in one place at a variety of price points.  

We hope this gift guide makes your shopping this holiday season a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

Happy Holidays, friends!