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Fashion Style Guides and Concepts With Duluth Pack

Fashion Style Guide and Concepts with Duluth Pack

Sometimes picking out your outfit can be the hardest part of getting ready for your day ahead. Whether you are looking for a casual fit to run errands and to relax at home in, to a weekend’s getaway expedition of hiking and being one with nature, Duluth Pack has exceptional, high-quality, and stylish articles of clothing that will bring both comfort and value into your wardrobe. Listed out below are some example outfit combinations that will ensure the specific look and elegancy you may be seeking for whatever adventure the day may deliver. 


Here is some outfit inspiration that can be created through our high-quality products for men; whether you are enjoying time near the lake or strolling the nightlife on the town, these are perfect go-to outfits:




 Shop Featured Items:

- Woolover For Him

- Outfitter Vest 

- Men's Camp Moc

- Bison Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

- X-Paddle Hoodie

- Men's Down Vest

- Suede Leather Taupe Arizona Birkenstock 

- Duluth Pack Leather Belt

- Wool Blanket Shirt

- Duluth Pack Original T-shirt

- Red Wing Iron Ranger Boot

- Duluth Pack Leather Passport Wallet

- Minnesota Banner T-shirt

- Duluth Pack Logo Long Sleeve

- Santa Cruz Slip-On Khaki - SOLD OUT

- LoPro Trucker Hat

Lifestyle Packs

Here are a few examples of the many handcrafted Lifestyle Pack designs that we carry within our brand that will pair perfectly with any one of your Duluth Pack wardrobe looks. Make sure to check out our other beautiful color selections that will complement you just as pleasantly.


Shop Featured Items:

- Roll-Top Scout Pack 

- Deluxe Laptop Backpack

- Sling Pack

Uptown Series Urban Pack



Here is an outfit guide and inspiration for women who are looking for suggestions for fashionable trends while staying cute and cozy no matter what your adventure withholds:




Shop Featured Items:

- X-Paddle Stripe Hoodie

- Women's Patch Vest

- Mayari Nubuck Stone Birkenstock

- Hematite Arrow Earrings

- X-Paddle Tie Hoodie

- Layback Trucker Hat

- Yara Leathered Habana Birkenstock

- European Snap Wallet

- Huron Poncho

- Soft Footbed Black Birkenstock

- Checkbook Snap Wallet

- Black Glass Earrings

- Beer Label Tee

- Logo Long Sleeve

- Gizeh Birko-Flor White Birkenstock

- Layback Trucker Hat


Lifestyle Packs and Purses

Here is a list of some of our top-selling, high-quality, and fashionable lifestyle looks that will leave you wanting more with their functional, yet adorable designs that will pair beautifully with any of these outfit inspirations above!


Shop Featured Items:

- Shell Purse

- Uptown Series Mini Haversack

- Uptown Series Sling Pack

- Rucksack Backpack



Duluth Pack even has stylish children’s clothes along with carrying shoes for infants, how adorable! Perfect ideas for gifting and dressing your own with Duluth Pack pride. Listed below are some outfit guides for children, along with premium packs that will add quality and durability to their daily lives.




 Shop Featured Items:

- Foil Moose T-shirt

- Striped Moose Hoodie

- Rainbow Glitter Croc - SOLD OUT

- Trucker Hat

- Kid's Logo T-shirt

- Logo Zip Sweatshirt

- Classic Clog Croc - SOLD OUT

- Trucker Hat

- Child's Pack - Box Style

- Small Standard Backpack

- Medium Standard Backpack

- Child's Pack - Envelope Style




Shop Featured Items:

- Onesie

- Front Strap Bootie Minnetonka

- Velcro Back Flap Bootie Minnetonka

Infant Logo Beanie

We hope this style guide provided some outfit inspiration for your future looks and clothing styles, feel free to reach out to marketing@duluthpack.com with any further questions or inquiries!


Happy shopping, friends!