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Help Us Help Our Heroes | Duluth Pack

Today, Duluth Pack launched its “Help a Hero” campaign. This campaign serves to support Duluth’s two local hospitals through the Essentia Health Foundation and the St. Luke’s Foundation by donating money and supplies for each hospital’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) funds.

On April 10, Duluth Pack began making thousands of reusable Made in the USA gowns for healthcare workers not only in Duluth but around the nation as well. Duluth Pack has also decided to donate $5 to each hospital’s PPE funds for every order of $150+ on Duluth Pack’s website and in-store at 365 Canal Park Drive.

We encourage our customers to help pay it forward to support our healthcare heroes. “Help us help a hero on the frontlines,” said Tom Sega, Duluth Pack’s President and CEO. “It’s an easy decision to donate to the heroes that give their all to help us every day.” 

Essentia Health noted how helping hospitals during this trying time is a form of solidarity. “This gift from an iconic local small business, like Duluth Pack, shows us we’re truly in this together. Their donation will go directly to support our frontline healthcare workers as they continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic” said Grant Hauschild, Essentia Health Foundation’s Executive Director.

As a company that has been in Duluth for 138 years, Duluth Pack shares a common history with other institutions who started that early as well. St. Luke’s had a special thanks for Duluth Pack because of this.  “Thank you, Duluth Pack for stepping forward to support St. Luke’s. We go a long way back. St. Luke’s was founded as Duluth’s first hospital in 1881 during a typhoid epidemic, and Duluth Pack was founded just one year later, in 1882. We are proud of our shared history, and we are grateful for the continued partnership and support,” said Dr. Nick Van Deelen, MD, St. Luke’s Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs.

Duluth Pack has always been known for its production of canvas and leather outdoor gear. With today’s current environment, we have decided to expand our production. We know there is a large need for medical PPE around the nation, so we are introducing long-term plans for handcrafting healthcare equipment.

Right now, our healthcare heroes need us now more than ever. We can all try and do our part to help them out, to show that we are all in this together.

You can find more information on how you can help a healthcare hero by visiting our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or our website.

Stay safe, friends.