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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Hunter | Duluth Pack

The last thing any hunter wants is gear that isn't functioning while they are on or preparing for a hunt. The best equipment is essential, Duluth Pack promises we have it. This holiday season, get the hunter in your life some quality gear they've been missing. These gifts are perfect for any sportsman or sportswoman.


We recognize it can be a scary endeavor to seek out new gear for someone who is quite exclusive, as most hunters are very careful about how they pack and what they bring for a hunt. We have you covered. This list is full of gift options with hunters in mind. Invest in some long-lasting gear for the hunter in your life this holiday season.



It is simple: Our packs are handcrafted to be the best and are extremely high-quality. Many are preferred and designed for hunting. They can ease through a hunt and have the reliable durability that all serious outdoors people need. Here are a few different options that all serve a valuable purpose for the hunter. Check these out:


Boot Duffel: The perfect pack to bring along to the hunting shack. The Weekender can keep all your hunter's essentials and clothing in one convenient spot. It's built to be tossed around as much as it is to be admired. The bottom section separates dirty, wet clothing or the hunter’s waiters and boots. Good luck wearing this one out.


Rambler: A rugged backpack to bring into the woods on opening morning. The Rambler makes a hunter's packing experience easier and just plain better. It's a reliable pack during a hunt and can hold all that your hunter needs. This pack features a front zippered pocket to provide the owner with quick access to his most needed gear.


Wanderer: This pack will get it done for the hunter who is in the woods from sunrise to sunset. The pack features a top-loading compartment with a drawstring to cinch shut and keep all essentials organized. There is ample space for coffee, water, snacks, and hunting/survival gear like dragging rope and a firestarter kit.


Grab-N-Go Bag: The Grab-N-Go is perfect for stashing first-aid, roadside kits, ammo, or toiletries to keep organized during a hunting trip. Throw in a smaller bag that helps a hunter keep his kits together. It fits nicely in a larger pack. The Grab-N-Go is perfect for stashing first-aid, roadside kits, ammo, or toiletries to keep organized during a hunting trip. You can keep this bag in the truck, the cabin, or a pack depending on the designated purpose.



Add to the holiday pleasure with these add-ons to the hunting experience.


Pistol Rug - Micro Suede Lining: A beautiful way to store a pistol. Our micro suede helps protect your hunter's pistol from moisture damage and normal wear n tear. Help the hunter take care of their firearm for the long run with this pistol rug.


Canvas Chaps: Full zippered from hip to heel. The hunters who go deep into the woods regardless of incoming conditions need these chaps. Fully waterproof and protect the legs from branches and prickles.


Logo T-Shirt: Represent Duluth Pack in all your hunting endeavors by layering with this t-shirt. Looks best being worn next to the fire after a long day of hunting.


Among these great options, we also provide E-Gift Cards to be able to give the gift of adventure virtually this holiday season. If you’re still undecided about what to get the hunter in your life, consider these!



For an additional and more in-depth breakdown of Duluth Pack's top-selling American Made and Lifetime Guaranteed Gear for the hunter, please refer to the Duluth Pack Hunting Guide.


Duluth Pack is a proud licensee of Mossy Oak camo and offers a collection from their original fistful of dirt pattern, Bottomland. The Duluth Pack x Mossy Oak Bottomland Collection is available both in-store and online.


Happy Holidays, friends!