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Dad's Day Gift Series: For The Gym Goer | Duluth Pack

Dad's Day Gift Series: For The Gym Goer

Today’s post is the last in our Father's Day Gift Guide 2020. This series has sought to help you find the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day, even if we aren’t able to physically be with him this year. We have already covered The Griller, The Hunter, The Fisherman, The Handy Man, and The Traveler. Today, we are focusing on The Gym Goer.

If your dad is a gym jock, we have a few recommendations for some gifts we know he’ll love. They will help him stay organized and look good while he’s working out. Here are some recommendations we have for your home jock.

Gym Bag: When going to the gym, it can be a hassle to carry all your necessary items in an organized and simple way. Gift your dad our Duluth Pack Gym Bag to make his trips to the gym even easier. We make the bag from our rugged canvas and has a separate area for your dad to store his shoes from his outfits and any other equipment he has. This bag is also versatile; if your dad travels for day trips at all, this bag would be perfect to hold his items.

Dad's Day Gift Series: For The Fisherman | Duluth Pack

Dad's Day Gift Series: For The Fisherman

Today, for our Father’s Day Gift Guide, we are going to focus on The Fisherman. This is the dad who gets up at the crack of dawn, ready for a serene morning on the boat. Fishing is dear to many of us here in Minnesota. In the land of 10,000+ lakes, fishing can be a way of life. Those early mornings on the boat with our dad are some fond memories that many of us share. Listening to the water quietly lapping around the boat, waiting for the fish to bite is an experience that provided many of us with peace and tranquility as we fished with our father.

Being able to gift your dad with something that will fulfill his love of fishing is a great option this Father’s Day. Here at Duluth Pack, we have many recommendations for our fishing dads to make their Father's Day special. We have gifts that we know will satisfy his fishing trips for the whole summer, and beyond.

Buy A Pack, We Give Back | Duluth Pack

Buy A Pack, We Give Back


Since 2018, our Arbor Day campaign has been a thriving success! Your purchases have supported the planting of over 10,000 seedlings across multiple acres in Minnesota.

In celebration of Arbor Day 2020, we're partnering yet again with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to continue our commitment to the wildlands that we all enjoy. From April 20th to May 20th, 2020, your purchase of any Duluth Pack manufactured product* will plant a tree in our community.

You can be the difference today. 

3 Ways to Celebrate Mom | Duluth Pack

3 Ways to Celebrate Mom

There is a day dedicated to the unsung hero in our lives, our mothers. This is the day to give back to her and appreciate all the things she has done to help, support, and love you. Rather than gifting the expected and traditional presents this year, it's time to gift her the best and something that can last longer than a day.


Give Her Adventure

Gift your #1 the best of the outdoors. Help your mom reconnect with Mother Nature. Outfit her with the highest quality of gear, snacks, and essentials. We recommend The Medium Shell Purse – ideal for everyday use. Next, we recommend the Bison Market Tote. It’s crafted with premium American bison and is all the aesthetics she wants with the functionality she expects.  The Bison Market Tote is the right choice for a diaper bag, work tote, or carry-on bag for travel. If she desires more than one product, allow her to choose by gifting the product that fits every lifestyle – the Duluth Pack e-gift card.


Give Her Comfort

Mom deserves some R&R. Help her unwind and to enjoy some cozy and classic pieces. Our top-sellers for mom include the Women’s Sherpa ¼, The Women’s Snap Sweater, and the Women’s X-Paddle Stripe Hoodie. All of these items fall within the $75 and under price points as well.


Give Her Tasty Treats

Chocolates and coffee – the dynamic duo for mom. Gift your mother some tasty treats and guilty pleasures. Duluth Pack’s Chocolate Rocks are a must-have. They are delicious and fun! Compliment the rich chocolate with a side of whole bean coffee. A Duluth Pack top-seller is the Paddler’s Blend. It’s a 12oz bag of a rum, caramel, and vanilla hazelnut trio that gives added flavor to our traditional roast. Top off the gift with a quality mug that she can sip coffee, tea, or other beverages out of.


We’re wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day.


Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts For Her gift guide.


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