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Celebrating 139 Years In Business - To Our Founding Father, Camille Poirier | Duluth Pack

Celebrating 139 Years In Business - To Our Founding Father, Camille Poirier

Duluth Pack was founded in 1882 by a French-Canadian immigrant by the name of Camille Poirier. He was a well-respected man with an inspiring story. This story began in Montreal and ended in Duluth, MN, USA. The hardships of Camille Poirier, perhaps, more importantly, his overcoming of adversity and creation of his life and legacy, exemplifies the American spirit and hope in the most dramatic ways. That legacy lives on through Duluth Pack. This is his story; this is our story. Let’s start at the beginning.
Shop Small For Big Impact: Why Shopping At Small Businesses Is So Important | Duluth Pack

Shop Small For Big Impact: Why Shopping At Small Businesses Is So Important

Buying local products and consuming local services move our areas and culture forward. Our local businesses in our home of Duluth are part of what makes doing business in this city so great. A symbiotic relationship between consumers and local businesses is what every community should strive to achieve. Regardless, we ask that when you decide to do your shopping, consider contributing to your area and supporting local business. The challenging events in our world this year have brought up a subject worth mentioning and celebrating: Shopping small this holiday season. Spend your money where your heart belongs - in the community.
The Importance of Shopping Made in America This Holiday Season | Duluth Pack

The Importance of Shopping Made in America This Holiday Season

Giving the gift of American Made goods for the holidays is the perfect way to show someone you put a little extra love and effort into finding a fitting present. It may take more time in researching and finding the right product to suit their needs, but the result will be a memorable and proud American gift.
DIY Chunky Blanket Tutorial | Duluth Pack

DIY Chunky Blanket Tutorial

Even though it's summer here in Duluth, we still get some chilly days that make us all want to crawl under a warm blanket with a good book. For days like this, we're hailing all our crafty friends by providing you a fun and easy chunky blanket tutorial that just about anyone can do. The great thing about chunky blankets is that it doesn’t require previous knitting experience because it doesn’t require knitting needles at all. You can knit your blanket exclusively with your hands and arms, making it a digestible project for beginners. Let’s get started on your own DIY Chunky Knit Blanket!

History of the Harmonica | Duluth Pack

History of the Harmonica

The harmonica has a long history in many different music genres, most notably blues, jazz, and American folk music. Here at Duluth Pack, we are fans of folk music because a lot of Duluth’s music scene has roots in folk music. Bob Dylan and Trampled by Turtles, famous for their folk style, both came out of the Northwoods and helped put Duluth on the map. Furthermore, music with the harmonica reminds us of sitting around a fire and cracking a cold beverage open during the summer with loved ones, which is something we desire. Today’s post is an homage to and a history of the harmonic, which has provided depth and beauty to music for centuries.
Fashion Style Guides and Concepts With Duluth Pack | Duluth Pack

Fashion Style Guides and Concepts With Duluth Pack

Fashion Style Guide and Concepts with Duluth Pack

Sometimes picking out your outfit can be the hardest part of getting ready for your day ahead. Whether you are looking for a casual fit to run errands and to relax at home in, to a weekend’s getaway expedition of hiking and being one with nature, Duluth Pack has exceptional, high-quality, and stylish articles of clothing that will bring both comfort and value into your wardrobe. Listed out below are some example outfit combinations that will ensure the specific look and elegancy you may be seeking for whatever adventure the day may deliver. 

The Duluth Pack ABC's | Duluth Pack

The Duluth Pack ABC's

Duluth Pack has a plethora of high-quality products for any type of outdoor adventure you have in your future forecast. As we work our way through Duluth Pack’s ABC’s here are some of our top-selling items listed just for you.

The Quality Leathers of Duluth Pack | Duluth Pack

The Quality Leathers of Duluth Pack

Duluth Packs have withstood the test of time for generations. At our flagship retail store, we receive stories from customers who have had their packs for decades and have become something of a family heirloom. At Duluth Pack, we choose only quality materials when constructing each pack and bag. We source as many materials from the USA as possible, and all our manufactured products are manufactured right here in Duluth, Minnesota. A material that we're extremely proud of is our selection of American leathers.
Top 7 Safety Tips For Solo Traveling | Duluth Pack

Top 7 Safety Tips For Solo Traveling

Having a travel companion makes exploring the world a little less daunting, but traveling on your own is a refreshing experience. Solo traveling lets you embrace a new culture and build confidence while you're escaping that 9-5 routine. It's an adventure everyone should embark on at least once in their lifetime. Explore with an open mind and have your arms open to the world of opportunities that traveling holds.

Before wandering around the globe, keep your safety in mind too. There are rewarding experiences when going abroad, but when you're on your own, looking after your wellbeing is a must. These 7 safety tips while traveling solo will help you discover the liberating experiences of being solo while you explore.