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Duluth Pack's Continued Success With Made in the USA PPE Healthcare Gowns | Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack's Continued Success With Made in the USA PPE Healthcare Gowns

PPE Healthcare Gowns. Five months ago, Duluth Pack stepped up and began manufacturing reusable and Made in the USA PPE healthcare gowns to help our front-line medical professionals in need. We have proudly manufactured over 30,000 Made in the USA and reusable healthcare gowns to date, and we’re just getting started.In April, our entire team of hardworking Americans did a 180-degree pivot from the handcrafting of canvas and leather packs, bags, totes, and outdoor gear to manufacturing reusable PPE. Duluth Pack did not step up temporarily, but for long-term support for those in need. Today, Duluth Pack has scaled and created a portion of its headquarters facility in Duluth, MN to long-term PPE manufacturing.

Dad's Day Gift Series: For The Traveler | Duluth Pack

Dad's Day Gift Series: For The Traveler

Today we have a continuation of our Father’s Day Gift Guide that we have been covering in a few of our other blog posts. This gift guide focuses on the Traveler. This is the dad who loves sight-seeing and always has the travel bug. They are ready to get up and go at the drop of a hat and are always up for an adventure. This guide will help you to continue to fuel all your dad’s interests, even when he’s halfway across the world.

Whether your dad travels around your state, the USA, or the world, your friends at Duluth Pack have recommendations for your traveling dad to make his life easier. Having the right accessories while traveling is essential, and here at Duluth Pack. we want to provide you a list of all the items that your dad will surely appreciate on his next jet-set around the world, whether that be for leisure or business.

Fanny Pack: The fanny pack has been a staple in a dad’s style for generations. Gift your dad Duluth Pack’s Large Fanny Pack to help him accessorize for his travel needs. Whether it’s a family trip to Disneyland or a business trip to Amsterdam, the fanny pack is a great and practical choice to gift your dad this Father’s Day.

Travel Wallet: When traveling, it can be stressful when you don’t have everything in one place. Having credit cards in one place, a passport in another, and your ticket somewhere else can cause going through the airport to be a huge hassle. To make your dad’s traveling life easier, we recommend the Travel Wallet. Made with our traditional Olive Drab canvas and leather details, this travel wallet has pockets to hold your dad’s documents, airline tickets, passport, and credit cards. For the frequent flyer, this wallet is a must.  

Jet-Setter Duffel Pack: Perfect for your dad to carry while he’s traveling around the world, or across the US. The Jet-Setter Duffel Pack is perfect as a carry-on and can be worn and used in three different ways. Your dad can wear it as a backpack, carry it with the handles, or use its detached shoulder strap for easy access to grab-and-go. This pack will allow your dad to stay organized while he is on the go, which he will greatly appreciate.

Briefcase: Some of our dads travel because of work. Jet-setting around the world is a perk, but they rely on that travel for business. For this type of traveler, we recommend the Standard Briefcase. This briefcase is perfect for your dad’s regular daily commute but is also ideal for when he's traveling with his laptop and other necessities.

Travel Valet: Traveling by plane around the world is great, but some dads prefer road trips around the US instead to see all the beauty we have in our home country. For these traveling dads, we recommend our Canvas Travel Valet. This is perfect to hold your dad’s wallet, keys, credit cards, and more. It can be used in his car while traveling, his hotel room when he’s arrived at his destination, and can even be placed in his luggage if necessary. When not in use, it conveniently lies flat for easy storage. This will make your dad’s travel life even easier so that he can enjoy what matters: traveling.

Still unsure what to do? You could always allow your dad to decide for himself with a Duluth Pack e-gift card. For even more ideas, check out our Gifts For Him gift guide. We also recommend checking out our previous Father’s Day Gift Guides for The Griller, The Hunter, The Fisherman, and the Handy Man to find gifts that fill all your dad’s passions and interests.

-From your friends at Duluth Pack

For The Greater Good | Duluth Pack

For The Greater Good

On Friday, April 10th, two Made in USA companies announced that they have partnered together for the greater good. Duluth Pack based in Duluth, MN and Stormy Kromer based in Ironwood, MI are manufacturing high-quality Made in the USA re-usable gowns for healthcare workers.

The two companies have been long-time partners in the outdoor business and the leaders of the companies; Tom Sega, from Duluth Pack and Bob Jacquart of Stormy Kromer are colleagues and friends. 

Duluth Pack is expected to manufacture around 1,000 gowns per day. 

In a recent interview with local Duluth News Station, Fox 21, Tom Sega stated, "They are at the forefront of it and putting themselves in harm’s way...anything we can do to put together to make sure they are safe until we get through the pandemic is really what we want to do. We want to help in any way we can.”

Help support both of these hard-working Made in USA companies by shopping their websites. Duluth Pack does sell Stormy Kromer products online, please shop their collection here.

We will get through this together.

TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplishes More

- From your friends at Duluth Pack