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Minnesota's Logging Heritage | Duluth Pack

Minnesota's Logging Heritage

When you think of a lumberjack, what state are you thinking of? If you said Minnesota, you’re probably in the majority. According to the old folk tale of Minnesota, it is said that the state’s 10,000+ lakes were formed by none other than Paul Bunyan with each footprint leaving another lake as he explored the state. In fact, the first documented printed story of Paul Bunyan was right here in Duluth; published by the Duluth News Tribune in 1904. Before saws and modern logging equipment, lumberjacks in Minnesota relied primarily on axes to get the job done. At Duluth Pack, we have partnered with the highest quality outdoor companies, Hults Bruk and Gransfors Bruk to remind us of Minnesota’s role in the logging industry with top-quality axes and hatchets.