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Noteworthy News: The Comeback of the Fanny Pack | Duluth Pack

Noteworthy News: The Comeback of the Fanny Pack

The fanny pack had huge popularity in the 80s and the 90s. Along with neon colors, high ponytails, workout gear, and scrunchies, the fanny pack was a staple of fashion. Soon, though, it started to lose some of our popularity. The fanny pack suddenly was uncool and began to be associated with dads and Disneyland instead of fashion and popularity.

We’ve seen a recent resurgence in the popularity of the fanny pack, though, just like many of the trends from the 80s and 90s. The fanny pack has become a staple of street style and fashion shows alike, creating popularity in the general masses for this once-taboo accessory.

Here at Duluth Pack, we have been fans of the fanny pack for a long time. So much so that we even sell our own fanny pack. Our fanny pack is durable and made to last. Because of how durable it is, we recommend our fanny pack for long days outside, whether that be hiking or skiing. Duluth Pack’s fanny pack can also be used for everyday use, as a fashion statement and to hold all your most important things.