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The History of Smokey The Bear | Duluth Pack

The History of Smokey The Bear

Smokey Bear is a famous hero and symbol for wildfire prevention and forest conservation, with virtue and determination, Smokey Bear creates a tone and widespread message of the importance for awareness and protection of the natural beauty of our environment and forests. Smokey Bear is the ultimate symbol for prevention and care and America’s wildlife protector. The idea of Smokey Bear was created on August 9th of 1944, when an Ad Council and the U.S. Forest Service concurred that a fictional bear would be the ideal emblem to constitute their joint effort of promoting wildfire precautions. An artist by the name of Albert Staehle painted the very first poster of Smokey Bear and was accredited for designing imagery to go along with this iconic symbol of America. On the poster, Albert Staehle conveyed a fictional bear pouring a bucket onto a fire with the caption, “Care will prevent 9 out of 10 fires!” The image of Smokey Bear became extremely popular and widely apparent to the mass audiences of America, as he appeared on many fire prevention advertisements and fire prevention materials. Then in 1947, Smokey Bear’s official slogan transformed into, “Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires!”