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The Duluth Pack ABC's | Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack has a plethora of high-quality products for any type of outdoor adventure you have in your future forecast. As we work our way through Duluth Pack’s ABC’s here are some of our top-selling items listed just for you.

A Axe This Small Forest Axe is an exceptional compact but mighty product that can fit in or be strapped to your pack, along with having a keen edge for proper cuts and chops. 

B Bison Leather Book Bag Our leather only gets better with age, with this premium product undertaking a stylish look of both a messenger bag and briefcase.

C Campfire Mug This cute piece is practical and versatile, whether you are enjoying your morning coffee, iced coffee for lunch, or a night spent around a campfire, this mug has you set.  

D Duluth Pack Hat There is nothing better than a trusty, adjustable hat that can be utilized for any adventure the day may convey; long hikes, lazy walks, productive errands, etc.

E Epicurean Cutting Board These Epicurean cutting boards hold a perfect, functional purpose that is lightweight and effortless to use, store, and clean while cooking in your kitchen.

F Fanny Pack Accessibility with ease, our Fanny Packs will allow for both free-range and a quick reach to all of your essentials, perfect for both high-intensity activities like skiing, and mellow toned adventures like strolling around the downtown area.  

G Grab-N-Go Made for your convenience and known for its compactness. Our Grab-N-Go bag can be used on multiple occasions to ensure a condensed place for your essentials while on the go! Perfect for travel, weekend getaways, camping trips, and more. 

H Hydro Flask Cooler Tote This fashionable cooler is indeed functional and easy to implement within your adventure, it allows your products to stay cold up to 48 hours with and has the ability to be carried various ways through the removable shoulder strap.

I Infant Fringe Bootie This precious little bootie has “soft rich suede natural leathers” for the added adorable look for a toddler’s daily outfit. With easy movements and durability, this bootie is both practical and trendy for any little tot.

J Jet-Setter The ideal option for long or short travel, with organizational zipped inner compartments and padded shoulder straps, this is the ultimate pack for your jet-setting endeavors – plus you can wear it three separate ways. 

K Khaki Shell Purse The Shell Purse is one of our must-have staple pieces, with a rugged, classic look to the canvas and versatility, we reckon the Shell Purse will ensure a fashionable look for any occasion. 

L Lakewalk Tote This lovely handcrafted product will leave you wanting more due to its capabilities of being a casual day bag, along with a night on the town type of bag. Whatever adventure you are seeking, you will not feel the need to change the look from your arm while transitioning from daily errands to nighttime escapades with this high-quality Lakewalk Tote.   

M Mini Haversack “It may be mini, but it’s oh so mighty!” The Mini Haversack will ensure great organizational qualities, along with its readily available travel capabilities.

N Northern Lites Pancake Mix Delicious pancake mix that will ensure the best-tasting meal that you will ever come to know, with multiple flavors for your personal preference, the Northern Lites Pancake Mix will allow for quick and easy preparation, with a scrumptious outcome!

O Original #2 – 59L The handcrafted original Duluth Pack Backpack will ensure a multitude of adventures instilled within its rugged durability that will last a lifetime.

P Paul Bunyan – 80L This pack has a large interior space and an extensive capacity for everything you would desire to carry around. Just like our gigantic friend, Paul Bunyan, this pack is sturdy, durable, rugged, and contains the strength to haul all of your gear.

Q  Quiet Rambler This Mossy Oak Bottomland is a distinctive twist of our Quiet Rambler Pack, it embodies the stealth and secrecy needed when roaming the open woods while hunting.

R Rucksack Backpack This pack is the perfect place to keep your essentials during day-trip adventures; from school to shopping at a farmers’ market, to getting lunch, or strolling on a long walk, the Rucksack Backpack will allow for your necessities to be kept upon your back.

S Scout Pack “From handling any gear or adventure at hand, the Scout will be your perfect pack to take with you.” It is true, our Scout Pack is the most ideal pack for movement and exploration with its durability and rugged features, yet simplistic practicality, the Scout Pack will be there for any of your aspiring daily adventures.

T Travel Kit Bag This classic, dapper, and neat look to a travel bag has both the aesthetic and functionality of a long-lasting and purposeful bag. Whether you are going on a trip to the cabin, a weekend’s bachelor party, traveling states, or across international borders, this bag will be of perfect use.

U Uptown Series Urban Pack  The Urban Pack is a classic Duluth Pack piece, combined with our limited edition Uptown Series twist that leaves you with a bold personal aesthetic and beautiful statement piece. From the Blacktop to Backwoods, this Uptown Series Urban Pack will provide you with the functionality you deserve and the edgy look you desire.

V Valet- Travel Canvas  This Travel Valet is the perfect product for all of the small misplaced items that you do not want to lose during travel. For example, credit cards, keys, spare change, business cards, Chapstick, etc., will stay safe and sound within this compacted travel valet that does not need much space within your bag or suitcase.

W Wanderer  The name, Wanderer, fits best to this pack as it has the capabilities of being reliable and tried and true within every adventure one may throw at it. It is a very spacious pack that is rugged and durable.

X X-Paddle Tie Hoodie This hoodie is soft, cozy, and delightful to wear during a cool summer’s evening surrounded by laughter, memories, and good company.

Y Yara Oiled Leather Habana This Birkenstock sandal has the perfect roundness to its edges for a trendy and darling summer look, you can also dress it up or down depending on your adventure!