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How To Find The Right Quality and Made in America Gym Bag | Duluth Pack

How to Find the Right Quality and Made in America Gym Bag

With businesses taking appropriate precautions of reopening, daily life is resuming for most of us with a few minor changes. This means we can start putting the gym back into our daily activities. While it might be a little grueling to re-adopt a habit, it is a very satisfying thing to accomplish that will have you feeling energized and ready for the day. Duluth Pack always has you covered for your work and school materials, but we can also help you out with your gym endeavors.

Duluth Pack manufacturers a large variety of bags and packs to fit any activity and going to the gym is not left out of that equation. When you go to the gym, there are plenty of things people bring with them.  Headphones or earbuds, a change of clothes, maybe a pair of gym shoes, items for the showers, water bottles, along with the obvious phone, wallet, and keys are all common items you may take along with you. Luckily, we have just the bags to help you out.

Let's start off simple with our Drawstring Backpack. This is the Duluth Pack take on a synch-bag. These types of bags are extremely convenient for their simplicity, portability, and easy storage capabilities. This bag is made from our 15-ounce canvas and leather lace drawstrings that double as shoulder straps and a durable way of keeping all your goods secure. Everyone should have a bag like this so why not get one that will outlast the rest?

Some bags have hundreds of uses and our totes are the perfect example of a versatile bag. The Market Tote is a reliable, carryall bag perfect for the gym as well as work, shopping, exploring, or relaxing on the beach. Some of the standout features include an interior zipped hang pocket for essentials, leather handles with adjustable buckles, and 33 liters of storage capacity.

Now let’s transition into the namesake of our topic today: the Gym Bag. Our Gym Bag is a downsized version of our popular Boot Duffel which makes it the perfect size for your gym experience. This gym bag features a high-quality YKK zipper on the bottom of the bag which makes the perfect storage area for gym shoes or any articles you want to keep separate from the bulk of your stuff. With cotton web handles and shoulder strap, this 25-liter bag is perfect for quick trips to the gym or a weekend at the cabin.

Let’s break out the big guns with the Safari Duffel line. Say you're going to a yoga class and need your mats and rollers or maybe want something for your sports season and need something a bit bigger to hold all your gear. This has enough space while giving you all the portability you need. This duffel is simple but has structure and a variety of sizes to meet your needs and wants. Rugged 15oz canvas construction, comfortable cotton webbed handles, lifetime guaranteed zippers, quality trimmings, a comfortable cotton web shoulder strap, and an open internal body for easy accessibility.

Activity is important whether it’s in the gym, on a trail, or in the woods. Duluth Pack has always designed its bags so that you will be able to have everything to help your active experiences, no matter what the scene.


Happy gym-going, friend!