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All Things Cozy | Duluth Pack

All Things Cozy

As the air begins to turn from crisp to frigid, and the leaves on the ground turn from orange to brown, you know it is time to bundle up and break out all things cozy. Being able to create comfort everywhere you go is something that we at Duluth Pack aspire to provide for our friends. We understand the need for comfort all year round, whether it be inside your home or on the go. From the clothes you wear to the scent of your home, we have everything you need to create the most comfortable setting all year round.

We pride our apparel on being second to none when it comes to comfort. Our Logo Sweatshirt and Logo Crewneck are the perfect everyday cozy wear whether you’re commuting to the office or spending the weekend at home. Ideal for layering or wearing on their own, these pieces are sure to keep anyone warm, comforted, and stylish all day long.

Bundle up on the couch with the naturally crafted renewable wool Pendleton Ecowise Wool Plaid Blanket. This blanket is an easy-care throw that leaves the smallest possible impact on our earth. The neutral plaids match any room, making this a coveted item for you and your loved ones. Grab a cup of Paddler’s Blend Coffee in our new Frosted Round Mug to pair with your couch comfort, and you will never want to leave.

There is nothing better than having a cozy house to come home to after a day spent in the cold. American grown soy wax from Wood Wick Soy Candles is combined with a softwood wick to create a rustic ambiance in any home. The sound of a real wood crackle combined with scents such as rhubarb fig, cozy cabin, and campfire, the coziness will be brought through your home in a whole new way. 

We have always been in search of a clothing item to keep us warm in the extreme frigid months of winter. The search has ended with the Wool Blanket Shirt. This piece is great for layering while also makes a statement when it is worn on its own. Your struggle to stay toasty warm through the entirety of the winter is sure to come to an end.

A hat is a piece that can make or break your comfort level and serve as an additional style point. Whether you’re snuggled up around the campfire or headed for a weekend at the cabin, our Mohair Logo Beanie is made from ultra-soft mohair which adds a timeless, comfortable look for every occasion. We were able to pair with our friends at Stormy Kromer to create the Duluth Pack x Stormy Kromer hat that is crafted with Sirius Wool. This hat adds a perfect touch of style to every winter look.

Taking comfort beyond just what you wear, our entire Classic Wool Line adds a cozy look to every outfit along with being exclusively functional. These pieces are the perfect accessories to add to any outfit and will add a sense of comfort for you and everyone around you.

We hope you can broaden your comfortability from the items you wear to the accessories you choose. Join your friends at Duluth Pack in spending this winter season as cozy as possible. Let us know if you are enjoying the comfort of our items alongside us!

Happy holidays, friends!