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How To Find The Right Canoe Pack | Duluth Pack

With the quarantine order lifting in Minnesota and the weather warming up, now is the perfect time to get back involved in outdoor activities. Here in the Midwest, there are no shortages in finding a way to explore nature. For the land of 10,000+ lakes, there are few better experiences than the tranquility and adventure of canoeing.

The BWCAW is the most heavily used wilderness area in the United States of America. Thousands of canoers travel to these areas each year for traditional camping and canoeing experiences. While it is an adventure, prepping for the trip is not always the easiest task. So how do you know what canoe pack and gear to bring and what is going to be the best way to travel light without sacrificing comfort and resources?

Picking the best canoe pack sounds easy, but the planning for the trip can be the most crucial part. Forgetting or having to leave out even one item can impact your entire experience. Make sure you have the right amount of space for what you're bringing. Lucky for you, Duluth Pack has made it our priority to make sure we can prepare you for almost any scenario. 

Why Duluth Packs are best:

We have been doing this job the longest. Duluth Pack has been time tested since 1882 and is a favorite of wilderness travelers and explorers everywhere. Every Duluth Pack canoe pack is handcrafted of a durable 15-ounce canvas, which expands when wet allowing for temporary buoyancy. The straps are reinforced with metal facets for extra strength and durability. Each Duluth Pack canoe pack is set to ride low for an easier canoe carrying experience. They are also specifically contoured to fit inside a canoe. Each canoe pack comes with a water-proof 6ml heavy-duty poly liner, this liner is perfect for packing your bag for the trip. Duluth Packs are tough, so what can we offer you?

 Duluth Pack #3 Original:

As its name suggests, the original is based on the first-ever design put out by Duluth Pack. With a 60-liter carrying capacity, this pack is ideal for most longer excursions. Each pack is also equipped with a tumpline to help lessen the weight on your shoulders.

#2 Cruiser:

The Cruiser is the perfect backpack for sportsmen and canoeists alike who want light yet durable. Like the original, this pack features a tumpline, paired with quick-drying cotton shoulder straps makes it ideal for comfort and support. The Cruiser has a large main pocket with a built-in map compartment as well as compatibility with an 18” basket. It also comes equipped with two flap-covered side pockets that offer quick access to necessities.

Camp Kitchen:

The Camp Kitchen offers the ultimate experience for cooking in the wilderness. This pack features two extra-large side pockets ideal for bulky kitchenware. It also features detachable utensil rolls so you can have all your cutlery out in seconds rather than digging to find what you need. Top that off with a tumpline and 64-liter carrying capacity, there isn’t much this pack can’t hold.

These are only to name a few packs of the large collection Duluth Pack has to offer. Planning a camping trip can sometimes be worrying or intimidating, but by choosing to camp with Duluth Pack, it can be that much simpler and better.


Happy camping, friends!