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How To Find The Right Duffel Bag | Duluth Pack

How to Find the Right Duffel Bag

If you plan on traveling in the future and want a bag that's unmatched in quality, look no further. Duluth Pack has an extensive selection of duffels and travel bags that are guaranteed to last. We have you covered with everything from an overnight trip to a week-long vacation.

Let's start with the Made in the USA Duluth Pack Weekender Duffel. This duffel bag's build is to be the most durable carry-on bag out there. This carry-all has a sleek and classic look with a leather trim all around the bag. This duffel's design is to maximize space in the overhead compartments of airplanes without having to wrestle it in. Each bag has a carrying capacity of 33 liters and has two guaranteed for life zippered exterior compartments for easy access to items or extra storage space. The bag has both a padded quality haul handle and a cotton webbed shoulder strap for easy carrying. The bottom exterior of the bag is padded with premium leather to ensure extra durability. This is the choice of bag to cover all your weekend necessities.

Put yourself in this scenario - you are packing up from vacation from your lodge or cabin. You spent all weekend hiking, and your outdoor boots/shoes are caked in mud. You have to pack up, but you don't want your muddy boots to touch all your clothes and other items. Enter the Made in America Duluth Pack canvas Boot Duffel. This bag is perfect for this situation or any situation like it. With an impressive 71 liters of carrying capacity, there isn't much this bag can't take with it. The Duluth Pack Boot Duffel is a choice for most hunters (great for separating waiters), for downhill and nordic skiers (separate gear and equipment) and for most outdoors people - hence the story stated above

When it comes to quality materials and craftsmanship, our Bison Leather Sportsman’s Duffel is the top of the line. Strong, durable, and look better with age, this bag is optimized for a truly comfortable and strikingly stylish carry. As its name suggests, this bulk of this bag is made from our American bison leather, which is a by-product of the meat industry. Bison leather has a lighter look that contrasts with the darker American cowhide leather elements for a more sophisticated look. This bag features rolled and riveted roll handles for comfortability and extra sturdiness. The three high-quality and guaranteed for life roller buckles add extra security to the durable YKK zipper while adding that classic look. The top flap of the bag is also a dust cover to ensure all of your items inside are protected. With a nylon lined interior to keep your bag and items safe and easy to clean, this duffel truly is one of a kind. You will buy it once and have it for life.

These bags are only just scraping the surface of the duffels that Duluth Pack has to offer and handcrafts in Duluth, MN. For a larger selection of bags, packs, and products, visit duluthpack.com to find the perfect Made in the USA item for your adventures.


Happy travels, friends!