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Packing With Duluth Pack - For the Road-Tripper | Duluth Pack

This is the last post in our Packing with Duluth Pack series. In the past, we focused on The Jet-Setter and The Camper, but today’s post is for The Road-Tripper. The best thing about road tripping right now is that it might be the best choice for travel this summer. It’s distanced, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to see the continental United States on a budget.

Some people prefer driving through the rolling plains, mountain ranges, and coastal cities of the US over flying. Many of us have fond memories of road trips with our families from a young age. Whether it was from California to New York or from Duluth to Minneapolis, road trips are something that almost everyone can relate to. If this sounds like you, or you’re planning a road trip soon, this guide is for you.

The Perfect Pack

When traveling, it’s important to have the perfect pack with you so you can focus more on the sightseeing and less on how you packed. We have some recommendations on how to make your next road trip as seamless and organized as possible with some of our Duluth Pack handcrafted products.

Road tripping is nice because often you will have more room to bring what you need compared to other types of travel. That being said, it’s still important to stay organized during your travels and have what you need in an easy to access place. For starters, we recommend the Large Standard Backpack to carry your smaller items and anything you’ll need quickly and easily in the car.

When you have your smaller items organized and ready-to-reach, you’ll then need to pack all your other items. For this, we recommend the Weekender Duffel. This bag provides just the right amount of room you’ll need for your clothes for your road trip getaway. It is big enough for anything you might need but compact enough to fit easily in your car and not take up too much room.

Traveling Necessities

Once you have the perfect pack for your next road trip, you can focus on the other necessities you may need during your next road trip.

It can be stressful to try to dig around for all your small items when they’re buried at the bottom of a bag. For this problem, try out the Travel Valet. This is perfect for storing your keys, wallet, lip balm, and any other small item that you need to grab easily. It’s perfect for the hotel or your car and will make traveling so much easier. It takes little to no space when packed away as well, as it lies flat when unbuttoned. This is the best thing you never knew you needed for your next road trip.

Since road-tripping tends to take longer, having coffee or tea is a must to stay awake during those long drives. Try out the 20 oz Coffee Hydro Flask. This will keep your beverage warm for long periods, so you can stay awake during those long car rides.  

Staying Comfortable and Entertained

Waking up with the sun and starting your road trip in the early morning can provide tranquility that can be hard to come by elsewhere. That being said, it can also be quite chilly. Stay warm during those early mornings with a nice wool blanket. This blanket is sure to keep you warm on your next road trip across the country.

Stay entertained during your long drive by listening to some good tunes. Check out our Spotify profile for some fun playlists. In the spirit of road tripping, check out our Road Trip Playlist to start.

No matter how you travel for your next vacation, we hope these guides have been helpful for you in planning for your future road trips. Whether you plan to camp next weekend or go on a plane next year, being prepared for your next vacation is something your friends at Duluth Pack are here to help you with.

Bon voyage, friends.