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Places To Stop Up The North Shore of Minnesota | Duluth Pack

Places to visit during your trip up the North Shore

As you expand your adventure past the limits of Duluth and turn your exploration northward, there are many exquisite sites and beautiful scenes that are worth your while in taking the time to stop and tour. Whether you are taking a day trip up the North Shore or spending the entirety of your weekend getaway relaxing in the serene nature, here is a list of the most optimal stops along the North Shore within the 150-mile trek from Duluth to the International Border:

  • Start in canal park for the Ariel Life Bridge and our storefront (mile 0.0)
  • Leif Erikson (mile 1.5)
  • Glensheen Mansion (mile 3)
  • Brighton Beach in Kitchi Gammi Park (mile 5)
  • French River (mile 12)
  • Stony Point Beach (mile 15)
  • Knife River (mile 20)
  • Castle Danger Brewery (mile 27) –Two Harbors
  • Flood Bay State Wayside (mile 27)
  • Betty’s Pies (Between miles 28 & 29)
  • Gooseberry Falls (mile 39)
  • Iona’s Beach (mile 42)
  • Split Rock Lighthouse & State Park (mile 46)
  • Beaver Bay (mile 50)
  • Silver Bay (mile 53)
  • Palisade Head (mile 56) – apart of Tettegouche
  • Black Sand Beach (mile 54)
  • Tettegouche State Park (mile 58)
  • Sugarloaf Cove (mile 73)
  • Taconite Harbor (mile 77)
  • Cross River (mile 78)
  • Temperance River (mile 80)
  • Oberg Mountain (mile 86) –apart of Superior National Forest
  • Lutsen’s Moose Mountain (mile 86)
  • Cascade River State Park (mile 99)
  • Grand Marais Artist Point (mile 105)
  • Gunflint Trail (mile 110)
  • Kadunce River (mile 118)
  • Judge CR Magney State Park (mile 123)
  • Horseshoe Bay (mile 130)
  • Grand Portage State Park (mile 150)
  • International Border/Thunder Bay (mile 151+) Congrats on making it to Canada!

We hope you can scout out a few locations that seem appealing to you and your adventure, get out, and enjoy the gorgeous weather and natural views that surround and promote our inner explorer.

Safe travels, friends!