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How To Find The Right Gun Case | Duluth Pack

How To Find The Right Gun Case

Living in the upper Midwest gives us plenty of opportunities to interact with nature. Fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, and of course, hunting are all perfect examples of things to do. There are nearly 500,000 registered firearm deer hunters alone each year in the state of Minnesota. This doesn’t even consider fowl and other small game hunters. It’s no secret that hunting and shooting sports are a big part of Minnesota’s wilderness. As a result, Duluth Pack saw an opportunity to use our resources to help protect our customers' firearms and supplies.

The safe transport of firearms is taken seriously in the state. It's not only lawful to transport your firearm in a proper case, but it also protects your firearm from damage and dirt while in transit. Lucky for you, we are aware of this demand, and are putting our top-quality materials into the perfect gun cases.

The Essentials of Trap Shooting | Duluth Pack

The Essentials of Trap Shooting

People are antsy to get outside now that the nation-wide stay at home orders are starting to wind down. So, what new outdoor activities should you consider now that you can go out? Go trap shooting with a group of friends. Even though some restaurants and bars might still be closed, gun clubs are open. Trapshooting is a great American sport that is even older than professional baseball in this country. So, what do you need to know about participating in this exciting sport?

Trapshooting dates back to the late 1700s. The first recognized competitive event was held in Cincinnati Ohio in the year 1831. The original targets for the sport were birds released hats in a random sequence. Glass balls would come to replace the birds in the 1860s. The clay discs that are used in today's competitive shooting arrived to replace the glass bulbs in the early 1880s, about the same time Duluth Pack was founded (1882).