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The Best Hiking Trails in Jackson Hole, Wyoming | Duluth Pack

The Best Hiking Trails in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Best Hiking Trails in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Add Jackson Hole to the list of destinations on your next road trip. Conveniently situated in Wyoming, it is one of the largest upland valleys in the Rocky Mountains, ranging roughly 10 miles wide and 40 miles long. Bears, elk, bison, and moose are among the many sought after animals to view in the region. This valley is home to 3 winter ski resorts and borders Grand Teton National Park and the Gros Ventre Wilderness, making for some of the most impressive geographies in the United States. There is no shortage of views, and with over 80 trails in the surrounding area, there's plenty to be hiked. Don't worry, we have compiled a list and chosen some of our favorite hiking trails in Jackson Hole to offer an immersive experience for every level of hiker.

Outdoor Guide: Deer Hunting For Beginners | Duluth Pack

Outdoor Guide: Deer Hunting For Beginners

Deer Hunting for Beginners 

Whether you are striving to get your first buck this fall hunting season or are an avid hunter who is looking to freshen up their knowledge before hitting the woods, you're in the right spot. Deer hunting is a wonderful way to experience nature uniquely. In the Northland, hunting is a traditional form of sport and conservation that brings people together during the fall. There are several different categories of deer hunting in the U.S. White-tailed are the most common deer in the United States. From the late autumn leaves to early season snowfall, the rut is in full swing, meaning bucks are on the chase for estrous does with motivation for breeding; this is your chance. The basis for beginning deer hunting: understand and respect your safety, the woods, and the deer.  

How To Find The Right Duffel Bag | Duluth Pack

How To Find The Right Duffel Bag

How to Find the Right Duffel Bag

If you plan on traveling in the future and want a bag that's unmatched in quality, look no further. Duluth Pack has an extensive selection of duffels and travel bags that are guaranteed to last. We have you covered with everything from an overnight trip to a week-long vacation.

Let's start with the Made in the USA Duluth Pack Weekender Duffel. This duffel bag's build is to be the most durable carry-on bag out there. This carry-all has a sleek and classic look with a leather trim all around the bag. This duffel's design is to maximize space in the overhead compartments of airplanes without having to wrestle it in. Each bag has a carrying capacity of 33 liters and has two guaranteed for life zippered exterior compartments for easy access to items or extra storage space. The bag has both a padded quality haul handle and a cotton webbed shoulder strap for easy carrying. The bottom exterior of the bag is padded with premium leather to ensure extra durability. This is the choice of bag to cover all your weekend necessities.

How To Lift And Carry A Canoe Properly | Duluth Pack

How To Lift And Carry A Canoe Properly

How to Lift and Carry a Canoe Properly

We talk a lot about being prepared for your canoe trip. Knowing what pack to bring is always important and making sure that you have a course planned out are some of the more obvious components of your excursion. One thing that often goes overlooked about your canoe trip is actually transporting your canoe. Sure, it becomes your main source of transportation when you get it in the water, but what happens if the water level is low and you need to move your canoe by land and portage? Don't worry, because today we're going to go over the basics of canoe lifting and carrying. 

A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing | Duluth Pack

A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing

A Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing

 Fly fishing is a great way to experience the outdoor activity of fishing from a whole new perspective, as well as connecting with nature on a deeper level. Fly fishing is different from traditional fishing in many ways, but one of the biggest is the way the bait is utilized. In traditional fishing, the lure and bait are heavy and sink underneath the water to attract the fish. In fly fishing, the bait is lighter and built to look like insects that hang out on the surface of the water, hence the name "fly" fishing.

How to Make Your Own Wood Blanket Ladder | Duluth Pack

How to Make Your Own Wood Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are a great and practical way to keep your home organized and on-trend. With fall quickly approaching, you might find yourself pulling out more of your blankets to keep you warm during the upcoming months. Having a functional way to display those blankets and other items while also looking clean and nice is a must. Blanket ladders are quick and easy to make, and your friends at Duluth Pack wanted to teach you how to make one as simple as possible so you will be prepared for the upcoming colder months. Grab your woodworking aprons, friends, and let's get building.
The Benefits of Merino Wool | Duluth Pack

The Benefits of Merino Wool

When you think of traditional wool, it can often bring to mind sweaters and socks to keep you warm (and sometimes almost too warm) in the coldest months of the winter, like December and January in Minnesota. Today, however, we want to highlight the magical properties of merino wool instead of traditional wool. Merino wool is truly one of a kind when it comes to the wool material genre—it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer while still maintaining its quality. Here at Duluth Pack, we wanted to give you a quick history and overview of merino wool, as well as the benefits of wearing this high-quality wool.
Solo Female Traveling Guide 101 | Duluth Pack

Solo Female Traveling Guide 101

Solo Female Traveling 101


It’s been said and heard before, “You can’t travel by yourself. It’s too dangerous, especially for a woman!” and that’s not saying they’re wrong. Women do have to be a bit more cautious than men when it comes to solo traveling. It’s a disheartening truth, but it’s best to be upfront and acknowledge it. However, it’s time to break the stigma of this supposed belief. Women are more than capable of traveling on their own while being able to keep themselves safe.

Places To Stop Up The North Shore of Minnesota | Duluth Pack

Places To Stop Up The North Shore of Minnesota

Places to visit during your trip up the North Shore

As you expand your adventure past the limits of Duluth and turn your exploration northward, there are many exquisite sites and beautiful scenes that are worth your while in taking the time to stop and tour. Whether you are taking a day trip up the North Shore or spending the entirety of your weekend getaway relaxing in the serene nature, here is a list of the most optimal stops along the North Shore within the 150-mile trek from Duluth to the International Border:

Ways to Save on Solo Traveling | Duluth Pack

Ways to Save on Solo Traveling

Do you find that you're living vicariously through the 'solo traveler' hashtag on Instagram? It's a great place to look for tons of great inspiration for travelers. Exploring the world is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. When it comes to budgeting for travel, you may wonder, “How do you travel while being a student?” or “How can I make my trip more cost-effective? With some budgeting tips and tricks, you can travel while staying within a reasonable amount.  

Stepping into the shoes of a college student, you're already determined to graduate and finish your last remaining credits. Why not use that determination to travel, too?