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How To Carve Your Own Spear | Duluth Pack

How To Carve Your Own Spear

The spear dates back to the stone age. It has been a useful tool for hunters and gatherers up to 400,000 years ago. It is a historical weapon that requires very minimal resources, and it may be helpful for you to know how to make one for means of survival. The most ancient and minimal designs are constructed using either wood or wood and stone. Here is your guide to crafting your spear.
The Art of Snare Traps | Duluth Pack

The Art of Snare Traps

Whether you find yourself lost in the wilderness during a routine backpacking trip gone wrong or just want to hunt in a more primitive fashion, snare traps are the most effective and simple way to hunt game. Understanding the basics of a snare trap should be a must for anyone who spends extensive time in the backcountry. While creating a snare trap is relatively simple, it can often be confusing when looking at limited pictures or reading short how-to guides. After finishing this post, you should understand the basics of snare traps.  
The Best Hiking Trails in Banff National Park | Duluth Pack

The Best Hiking Trails in Banff National Park

The Best Hiking Trails in Banff National Park. Clear blue skies, rising vast peaks, and dense brush are just a few of the things that draw millions of visitors to Banff year after year. Canada's oldest national park, located in the heart of Alberta's Rocky Mountains, is among North America's most jaw-dropping natural beauties. But when exploring a place as large and vast as Banff, it can be confusing or downright intimidating to find things to do. Luckily, your friends at Duluth Pack have you covered. Let's take a look at some of the best hikes to tackle during your stay at Banff. So, grab that Wanderer Pack, load up some snacks, and get ready for some of the best views you will ever experience.

How To Find The Right Axe | Duluth Pack

How To Find The Right Axe

How to Find the Right Axe 

A large part of Duluth's heritage comes from logging operations. While it may not be the 1800's anymore, woodworking, chopping firewood, and tree felling are all common activities in the surrounding Duluth areas to this day. At Duluth Pack, we love to honor these traditions and give people the tools they need to get the job done, in this case, those tools are quality axes and hatchets.

Duluth Pack carries two iconic and quality axe brands: Hults Bruk and Gransfors Bruk. To learn more about these companies, check out Minnesota’s Logging Heritage on our blog page or click the links to go to their website. Both companies hand forge their axes in Sweeden and join Duluth Pack in being around for over 100 years. These axes are second to none in durability, quality, and performance. 

How to Make Your Own Wood Blanket Ladder | Duluth Pack

How to Make Your Own Wood Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders are a great and practical way to keep your home organized and on-trend. With fall quickly approaching, you might find yourself pulling out more of your blankets to keep you warm during the upcoming months. Having a functional way to display those blankets and other items while also looking clean and nice is a must. Blanket ladders are quick and easy to make, and your friends at Duluth Pack wanted to teach you how to make one as simple as possible so you will be prepared for the upcoming colder months. Grab your woodworking aprons, friends, and let's get building.
Solo Female Traveling Guide 101 | Duluth Pack

Solo Female Traveling Guide 101

Solo Female Traveling 101


It’s been said and heard before, “You can’t travel by yourself. It’s too dangerous, especially for a woman!” and that’s not saying they’re wrong. Women do have to be a bit more cautious than men when it comes to solo traveling. It’s a disheartening truth, but it’s best to be upfront and acknowledge it. However, it’s time to break the stigma of this supposed belief. Women are more than capable of traveling on their own while being able to keep themselves safe.

Places To Stop Up The North Shore of Minnesota | Duluth Pack

Places To Stop Up The North Shore of Minnesota

Places to visit during your trip up the North Shore

As you expand your adventure past the limits of Duluth and turn your exploration northward, there are many exquisite sites and beautiful scenes that are worth your while in taking the time to stop and tour. Whether you are taking a day trip up the North Shore or spending the entirety of your weekend getaway relaxing in the serene nature, here is a list of the most optimal stops along the North Shore within the 150-mile trek from Duluth to the International Border:

Ways to Save on Solo Traveling | Duluth Pack

Ways to Save on Solo Traveling

Do you find that you're living vicariously through the 'solo traveler' hashtag on Instagram? It's a great place to look for tons of great inspiration for travelers. Exploring the world is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. When it comes to budgeting for travel, you may wonder, “How do you travel while being a student?” or “How can I make my trip more cost-effective? With some budgeting tips and tricks, you can travel while staying within a reasonable amount.  

Stepping into the shoes of a college student, you're already determined to graduate and finish your last remaining credits. Why not use that determination to travel, too?

The Process of Agate Hunting | Duluth Pack

The Process of Agate Hunting

Agate hunting is a timeless activity along many shores around the world, including the North Shore of Minnesota. With their beautiful bands on the inside coming in an incredible array of colors, it’s no wonder why the agate is the states’ official gemstone. Duluth Pack even bases its very own chocolate rocks off the agates and stones found along the North Shore. Now is the perfect time for you to get out there and hunt for these beautiful collectible gems yourself.
How To Build A Survival Shelter In The Wilderness | Duluth Pack

How To Build A Survival Shelter In The Wilderness

If you ever find yourself getting caught up exploring the great outdoors in the wilderness, time will proceed quickly and nightfall and dusk will emerge out of complete anonymity. During the realization that you may need to spend the night in the vast and boundless wild, attempting to assimilate a survival shelter without rationality and the proper knowledge of building a secure shelter could lead to stress, anxiety, and maybe even fear of how the entirety of your night in the middle of the forest may transpire. There are countless means of exposure within the open woods that could prevent you from sleeping comfortably throughout your experience of surviving in the middle of the wilderness during the dark hours, including; inclement weather (rain, coldness, wind), pesky bugs, animals, etc. So having the capabilities and comprehension of the proper ways to construct a survival shelter is not only beneficial but is a skill that everyone should be able to implement. Here is how to build different kinds of survival shelters in the wilderness.