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How To Build A Survival Shelter In The Wilderness | Duluth Pack

How To Build A Survival Shelter In The Wilderness

If you ever find yourself getting caught up exploring the great outdoors in the wilderness, time will proceed quickly and nightfall and dusk will emerge out of complete anonymity. During the realization that you may need to spend the night in the vast and boundless wild, attempting to assimilate a survival shelter without rationality and the proper knowledge of building a secure shelter could lead to stress, anxiety, and maybe even fear of how the entirety of your night in the middle of the forest may transpire. There are countless means of exposure within the open woods that could prevent you from sleeping comfortably throughout your experience of surviving in the middle of the wilderness during the dark hours, including; inclement weather (rain, coldness, wind), pesky bugs, animals, etc. So having the capabilities and comprehension of the proper ways to construct a survival shelter is not only beneficial but is a skill that everyone should be able to implement. Here is how to build different kinds of survival shelters in the wilderness.