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The Different Types of Hunting Stands | Duluth Pack

The Different Types of Hunting Stands

The purpose of a hunting stand is to provide a hunter with an elevated view of the land. A hunting stand allows you to see and shoot farther while staying out of the animals' direct line of sight or scent. Huntings stands are most commonly used for hunting deer or bears. As with most hunting topics, the right hunting stand is debatable and largely depends on preference and the land you are hunting, as well as your weapon (bow or rifle). We've made a list of some of the more popular stand styles to make that process easier and more successful.
Outdoor Guide: Deer Hunting For Beginners | Duluth Pack

Outdoor Guide: Deer Hunting For Beginners

Deer Hunting for Beginners 

Whether you are striving to get your first buck this fall hunting season or are an avid hunter who is looking to freshen up their knowledge before hitting the woods, you're in the right spot. Deer hunting is a wonderful way to experience nature uniquely. In the Northland, hunting is a traditional form of sport and conservation that brings people together during the fall. There are several different categories of deer hunting in the U.S. White-tailed are the most common deer in the United States. From the late autumn leaves to early season snowfall, the rut is in full swing, meaning bucks are on the chase for estrous does with motivation for breeding; this is your chance. The basis for beginning deer hunting: understand and respect your safety, the woods, and the deer.