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Packing With Duluth Pack - For The Camper | Duluth Pack

Packing With Duluth Pack - For The Camper

Today’s post is going to be a continuation of our Packing with Duluth Pack series. Last time we focused on the Jet-Setter, but today’s post is for The Camper. The Camper is those who feel most at home going up-north for a weekend and heading to the campsite. Hiking, canoeing, sitting around the campfire, and sleeping in tents is The Camper’s idea of a fun week and vacation. Especially in the summer, campers spend a lot of their time on weekend camp trips, vacationing in the BWCAW, and relaxing with nature. If that sounds like you, we have a few recommendations for what you can pack to make your life the best it can be while camping.