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#PersonBehindThePack: A Story About American Heroism and Heritage | Duluth Pack

#PersonBehindThePack: A Story About American Heroism and Heritage

To Duluth Pack: 

My name is Michael J. Van Edwards and I was a Deep Sea Diver in the Navy for over 10 years.

Many of my dives involved travel all over the world to include areas that were known to be hostile or even dangerous to Americans.

Many American servicemen were targets of attack and at least one Navy diver was killed by Terrorist.

Later, the investigation revealed that the divers were identified by the military-style of baggage they carried. 

Upon hearing this, I contacted your store and had ordered a large duffle to serve as a dive bag. 

For a decade that duffle traveled all over the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Red, and Caribbean seas.

Additionally, it survived hundreds of flights in or from most of the countries whose shores border those waters. 

Today, the bag is over 30 years old and I still use it constantly.

Thank you all for such an outstanding product.

- M. Van Edwards 



My Duluth Pack Saved My Life | Duluth Pack

My Duluth Pack Saved My Life

We feature stories that our customers send in about their Duluth Packs. The following story was provided to us by Megan after she experienced a near-death experience with her Duluth Pack. We hope everyone is safe and will never have to experience what she did.

"The scratches on my Duluth Pack are a constant reminder that I was very close to serious injuries, not ruling out fatal injuries... I would like to personally thank you for making such reliable, high strength bags. They are more than just carriers for us. They are what hold our essentials that make our lives go around, and they hold memories and emotions that are not visible or tangible in this world. For me, my Duluth Pack saved my life."