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#PersonBehindThePack: A Story About American Heroism and Heritage | Duluth Pack

#PersonBehindThePack: A Story About American Heroism and Heritage

To Duluth Pack: 

My name is Michael J. Van Edwards and I was a Deep Sea Diver in the Navy for over 10 years.

Many of my dives involved travel all over the world to include areas that were known to be hostile or even dangerous to Americans.

Many American servicemen were targets of attack and at least one Navy diver was killed by Terrorist.

Later, the investigation revealed that the divers were identified by the military-style of baggage they carried. 

Upon hearing this, I contacted your store and had ordered a large duffle to serve as a dive bag. 

For a decade that duffle traveled all over the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Red, and Caribbean seas.

Additionally, it survived hundreds of flights in or from most of the countries whose shores border those waters. 

Today, the bag is over 30 years old and I still use it constantly.

Thank you all for such an outstanding product.

- M. Van Edwards 



My Duluth Pack Saved My Life | Duluth Pack

My Duluth Pack Saved My Life

We feature stories that our customers send in about their Duluth Packs. The following story was provided to us by Megan after she experienced a near-death experience with her Duluth Pack. We hope everyone is safe and will never have to experience what she did.

"The scratches on my Duluth Pack are a constant reminder that I was very close to serious injuries, not ruling out fatal injuries... I would like to personally thank you for making such reliable, high strength bags. They are more than just carriers for us. They are what hold our essentials that make our lives go around, and they hold memories and emotions that are not visible or tangible in this world. For me, my Duluth Pack saved my life."

Behind The Lens with Redmond Digital Media | Duluth Pack

Behind The Lens with Redmond Digital Media

Think back to what you were doing when you were 13. Were you rippin' down the street on your bike or scooter? Were you making a super cool pillow fort, or maybe if you were lucky a tree fort? For Bobby and Mycah, that is when their story starts. They met on a mission trip to Mexico when she was, 13 and he was 14. Imagine finding the love of your life in middle school.

Bobby started playing around with cameras when he was so young, he can't remember when it all started. He got more serious in high school while he was interning at a video production company. He fell in love with it and knew he wanted to turn it into his career. After high school, he attended film school in California and started booking weddings and commercial projects by himself.

Mycah never attended any formal training, but her passion was traveling, and the best way for her to remember her adventures was through photography. Bobby would bring his cameras on their travel adventures, and Mycah instantly fell in love with photography. They started working together when she came to visit for a weekend, and he needed help filming a wedding.

They got married in June of 2011, and together they created Redmond Digital Media. Today, they are still working together on creating epic photography/videography productions for weddings, senior pictures, and commercial projects.

If you catch them away from their cameras, you would probably find Bobby doing something with coffee, he loves trying new brewing methods and roasting his own coffee beans. He also trains competitively for American Ninja Warrior, and he was on the TV show in season 10. He also competed in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) World Finals the last two years.

Mycah also likes to stay active through running and yoga. She ran the Twin Cities Marathon in 2018, and needless to say, that is a difficult feat, so congratulations are in order. On her recovery days, she likes to curl up on the couch and read a good book. When they are both looking for a relaxing night, they enjoy watching The Office with their puppy Kodak, and of course, they both love to travel.

What they both love to capture on film, are emotions and a story. Bobby and Mycah often say, "If you don't capture and express a story or emotions, you're really just left with a sequence of images, and something is clearly lacking." It can be hard to capture a story through photography, but they try to capture as much emotion as possible which, are the bones behind any good story. Their pictures truly capture the essence of the moment.

Running a business is never an easy task, and it can get a lot harder running one together as a married couple. Getting clear jobs for each of them has been a crucial step in making sure they work together smoothly. In addition to setting up roles, it can be hard to have your career be your passion because, after a while, you may lose your love for it. They have become more deliberate in picking up their cameras for pleasure. It is also tough for them to grow at a fast pace because they have to go over each production to make sure it has their specific touch to it. They bring other people into production to make sure it goes over smoothly, but they must be involved throughout the process to ensure it is something that has their unique feel to it.

They are lucky enough to work every day with the person they love, and they are forever grateful for that. They both agree their most successful story is turning their passion into their career. They attract a lot of high profile clients because of how awesome their work turns out one of their favorites was capturing Alex Morgan's wedding. For those of you who don’t know, Alex Morgan is a forward on the Orlando Pride women’s soccer team. She also had two trips to the Olympics the first in 2012 London games, and then again in the 2016 Rio games. They also had the unique experience of having a video go viral racking up millions of views.

One of the best perks of their job is the amount of travel they go on, but they also try to travel as much as they can in their free time too. Some of their favorite vacations include Iceland, Japan, and South America. By looking at some pictures, it is easy to see why anyone would want to go there. One of their favorite wedding shoots was in Tokyo, Japan, and they recently finished a wedding in Glacier National Park, which we can only imagine was beautiful.

If you dream of creating epic video productions and capturing awesome pictures, they offer a few pieces of advice. The first thing they suggest is, get out there and start shooting, you may end up with a lot of footage you do not need, but it is better than not having enough footage. They also suggest you should watch tutorials online. Bobby has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people tips and tricks. He also recommends that you should find a mentor or a company to intern at because you will learn a lot more there than in a formal education. Creating amazing videos is one thing, but they also stress you also have to be able to run the business, and understand how to make a profit. If you want to turn this into your career, they say you have to value yourself and your worth. One final piece of advice Bobby offered was, "Don't be afraid to turn business away because the budget isn’t there, the requests aren’t something you can accomplish, or simply because you aren’t attached to the project."

Bobby and Mycah have been creating content for Duluth Pack for several years now, and we love working with them because the result is just so darn cool. They produced a fall video for us, showcasing some of our products, and we are in love with it. Of course, we had to ask their favorite products, which is tough because they find a new favorite every time. Mycah loves her Bison Leather Shell Purse and uses it daily while Bobby prefers more space with his Deluxe Scout bag.

If you are getting married soon, a graduating senior who still needs to take their senior pictures, or if you are a company looking to book your next commercial, look no further than Redmond Digital media.

Adventure on, friends.

A Customer's Story - A Pack For Many Adventures and Generations. | Duluth Pack

A Customer's Story - A Pack For Many Adventures and Generations.

One of our favorite things at Duluth Pack is hearing stories about people using their packs on great adventures. These packs are sometimes very old and have been passed down from generation to generation which means they have a lot of history to them. This story was provided to us by Ray and we felt the need to share it because of how cool the old pack looks.


I read with interest the account of inheriting your Grandpa’s boot pack. I too have a pack that was my Dad’s and every time I look at it, great memories of our trips to the cabin in Canada are stirred.


In 1958 my dad purchased a pack from a hardware store in Fort Frances. The pack was purchased because he was building our wilderness cabin in Canada and needed a durable pack to haul gear in and out. Back then the price was simply written on the goods with a permanent marker. If you look closely in the pictures you can see $6.39 IAE (In American Exchange) since the pack was purchased in Canada. Prices have gone up somewhat since then, huh?
If we had only taken more photos of trips in the ‘50s and ‘60s. We used to board the train in Fort Frances—with the pack—that was still powered by a steam engine. I still remember the engineer inviting us kids to look over the locomotive cab one day.
The locomotive number was 5152. A small thing to remember but like the Duluth Pack, a small thing can open the door to long-ago memories. When we were dropped off at a very small station the pack continued its job carrying our gear down to the lake landing where we took a wood and canvas Old Town canoe over to the cabin. A picture of the pack in the canoe would be priceless to me today but a camera was always something extra to tote along and rarely brought with.
We still use the pack on trips to the cabin after all of these years. It is no longer a wilderness cabin since a road was put through to the lake in 1965. We have to cross the lake to get there and the pack is still as useful now as the day it was purchased. I have used it on many deer hunting trips as well.

Last summer, the pack suffered three broken straps at the same time. Two are on the shoulder straps and one on the tumpline strap. The three front straps are still intact but so dried and cracked that they are ready to go anytime. I am hopeful that the pack can be fixed and can continue to haul gear for many years to come creating new memories.
For a chance to be featured on our blog send us your travel stories with your Duluth Pack or why you love your pack using #PersonBehindThePack on social media and by sending in stories using the link found on our blog page.
Adventure on, friends.