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Swapped Stories: With Blogger, Emily Fahlsing | Duluth Pack

Many people take to the internet to find tips and tricks about everyday life, from fashion and lifestyle to travel and fitness. Blogs are an excellent platform for many people who like to express their visionaries. They are a helpful way to learn from someone else’s tips and tricks of everyday living.

If fashion, food, and fitness interest you the most, turn to Emily Fahlsing. She’s the voice behind FahlingForFabulous, a blog dedicated to teaching people the ins and outs of fashion, beauty, lifestyle & travel. Fahlsing also manages her Instagram account, or her blogging space, as she likes to call it.

Fahlsing’s love for graphic design and writing was the motivation for creating a blog, as they’re the perfect blend of the two. She uses her website as a creative space to share her thoughts and ideas. After launching her website, she decided to create an Instagram account. "I love the creative aspect of everyone's [Instagram] feeds, and how you can make it your own space," Fahlsing said. Soon after, her Instagram started growing exponentially and is now what she considers her blog.



Fahlsing doesn't consider herself a social media influencer. She solely likes to share her thoughts without trying to influence others in a particular way. As she's always been into fashion, creating a lifestyle blog was the best way for her to show her styles and trends. Fahlsing's website and social platforms also feature several other categories.

Although blogging is her passion, she also works as a full-time nurse, a wife, and a dog mom. She plans to continue her acute care nursing career in the foreseeable future and would like to keep blogging if her passion is still there.

Fahlsing's goal for next year is to keep up with her blog and Instagram presence. She enjoys harmonizing with different brands to create new fashion looks and customizing her social feed. She also plans to keep her nursing license up to date.

Over the next five years, she hopes to travel more and spend time with her friends and family. Fahlsing also hopes to become a mom in the next few years.

"I love blogging and sharing pretty much everything. Clothes, beauty, food, media, fitness, travel hot spots, daily life, you name it," says Fahlsing. Both her blog and Instagram cover a wide variety of subjects. Each is well-done and very informative. Although she does not have a favorite topic, fashion will take over most of it because of her love for it.

When she is not at work or not blogging, she is most likely doing something active. Generally, yoga or running. On a chill night, you will find her watching movies (she is a huge movie buff) with her husband and dog. She also loves traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Creating her blog and Instagram has not been without challenges. She tries to keep it fun, and without putting too much pressure on herself. "I've had many moments where I obsess over the likes and follows. This past year I allowed myself to let go of that. I don't want my Instagram/blog to be about that. I want to use it as a creative outlet," says Fahlsing. She tries to maintain a positive attitude while continuing to share her thoughts and not letting negative comments get to her.

She has also benefited from her social media platforms. Emily has partnered with several different brands, created friendships, and became part of a virtual online community. She is thankful for all the people that instant message her to thank her or offer her words of encouragement. She likes to scroll through her old articles to see how her style has changed and revisit her experiences through past photos and writings.

While growing up, Fahlsing and her sisters attended summer camp for several weeks, or sometimes an entire summer. While at camp, she would spend most of her time backpacking or canoeing. Emily says, "We carried everything on our backs in packs (cue my appreciation of Duluth Pack), and we needed that durability and stability of these packs to withstand all that nature threw our way." Upon moving to Duluth, Fahlsing checked out the Duluth Pack retail store, where she favored the versatile traditional canoe packs.


Fahlsing's favorite product has evolved as her style changes. Over time her style developed, and she fell in love with the Market Tote. "I love the canvas look and how big it is! I bring it to the gym, on trips, and can use it as a purse, it is extremely versatile!" says Fahlsing. The market tote is perfect for someone who is looking for a bag big enough to carry all the necessities plus a few more things. 

Next time you’re scouring the internet for another blog to read, head over to FahlingForFabulous, or be sure to check out Emily Fahlsing on Instagram. You might learn a thing or two from her.


Adventure on, friends!


All photos provided by Emily Fahling.

PC: Kellie Rae Studio.