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The Duluth Pack Playlist - Duluth Pack Spotify | Duluth Pack

Duluth Pack has Spotify playlists with one reoccurring theme in mind: connection. Music shapes our daily culture and can help define who we are. That’s why we’ve created 24 playlists that all contribute to your well-being in any environment. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, taking a road trip or out on the lake, training for a marathon, or hosting a BBQ, we have a playlist for you.


This month, we’ve updated our jams with 3 fresh playlists -  hand-picked collections of songs created for your ears in differing styles. Here are the details:


Working From Home: Listen Here

Oh, the relevancy. The design of this playlist is to balance your focus with work-ready tunes. Lo-fi beats surround chill hits to create a focused atmosphere, with less - but still beautiful, distractions for your ears when you need to get work done.


Oldies: Listen Here

This playlist is comprised of old, classic tracks from the 1950s and 60s because let’s face it; We all need a little Frank Sinatra now and then…. Indulge in the soul of jazz singers and enjoy the record-scratched voices of modern music’s earliest pioneers. While they may be old, these songs are truly timeless in character and quality, and you know that is something Duluth Pack can get behind.


Classy Christmas: Listen Here

It’s not Christmas if it isn’t classy, and it’s not classy without these tunes. This playlist contains Christmas classics from singers throughout the past 50 years. Accompanied by some of the greatest artists of our time, there is a healthy mix of old and new voices, with seamless transitions to spark your holiday spirit. For an ultimate experience, play this collection next to a toasty fireplace on a cold winter night. And don’t forget the chestnuts.


We hope you enjoy our new additions and find some new songs that bring joy to your ears. For a deeper dive into our full collection of playlists, visit our Spotify profile and follow us to stay updated on all the music listened to by Duluth Pack. Are there more playlists you’d like us to create? Different genres we should explore? Give us a shout with recommendations!


Happy listening, friends!