Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw

The Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw is without a doubt the best saw we’ve taken on our canoe camping trips. This saw folds for easy transport, is easy to assemble and is very light weight. This saw has a 21", 24" or 30" blade for long draws and quick cuts. Made in USA.

Just lift the folded handle to clear locking peg, pull out blade, rotate handles all the way round, insert blade into slots and rotate the lever 180º to lock in place.

21 Inch saw dimensions:
Closed: 22" Long
Open: 21" Long, 8" Tall

24 Inch saw dimensions:
Closed: 24" Long
Open: 24" Long, 9.25" Tall

30 Inch saw dimensions:
Closed: 31" Long
Open: 30" Long, 9.25" Tall
SKU: M-482, M-487, M-488

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Customer Reviews (17)

Sturdy when open but when closed..Review by BillyJ
I can say I haven't actually used this saw for cutting yet..I have however used enough saws to say that when it's locked open and ready it feel lean and mean..my issue is when folded the blade catches taking it out of the frame as well it rattles unbelievable when walking with it..as mentioned by some one else above my stopper screw was in wrong place causing the handle to stick out an extra inch and half when collapsed. (Posted on 8/13/2015)
Best of the bestReview by Simon Butler
I have used my Dustrude saw for several years now, including multiple trips to the BWCA and countless local camp outs. Simply the best saw I have ever used in the back country. Quick to set up, easy to pack and portage, cuts amazingly well. Don't leave home without it. (Posted on 8/6/2015)
Silent in carry, awesome in use!Review by FoxWalker
I purchased this to add to my bushcraft kit, and for just general use around the yard. I was worried about it rattling when I pulled it out of the box as it was loud as heck. I unfolded it and made some short work of some logs in the back. When I folded it to place it in the Duluth case, I noticed that the two verticals had not been folded all the was to the middle section. A light squeeze and the whole thing was tight and silent...not a noise. I have used it many times since and wow! Amazing, Worth every dime! (Posted on 6/14/2015)
Bob Dustrude vs Sven Saw Review by Johnny
I first got the Sven saw because of the price difference of about $30 but shortly after broke it when I was cutting a tree down and the whole frame and blade bent. I got the Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw as an alternative because of the lifetime warranty and the easier opening. It is the best large folding saw out there in my opinion. I got the 24 inch which is the best size in my opinion and it's really tough but light weight enough to go backpacking. With this saw and a bacho laplander you'll never need a nother saw for bushcrafting and outdoor use. (Posted on 3/22/2015)
End all sawReview by Bill B
I just got back from a four night winter camping trip in Northern MN. The temps were -11 to -15 so I needed a lot of wood on reserve. I just bought the 24 inch saw in December so this was my first time using it. I have been camping and hunting for 25 + years now and this is hands down the best saw I ever owned . It made short work of my daily chores of cutting wood. I was cutting six inch pine, red oak, birch and even brush with it. it packs easy in the Duluth Pack holder made for it. I cut a lot of wood in four days and it was almost effortless with saw. I will never leave for another trip with out it. I have used probably 15 different types of saws and this saw blows then out of the water. its literally a life saver . (Posted on 1/16/2015)
everything it promisedReview by Illinoian
Just had another trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.I had bought the buck saw a few months before and had brought it along.We were fortunate to camp at several sites that had down trees so there was ample opportunity to use the saw.It cut easily through the available evergreen and birch.A six inch diameter log was no problem for the saw.It did not bind much and when it did it was simply a matter of taking some of the pressure off of the log being cut.Very satisfied with the saw.Will be getting more blades as I plan to take it with me on all camping trips.Very portable .Cant say enough good. (Posted on 7/25/2014)
Works well but....Review by Craftsman
The saw des exactly what it was designed to do but the actual construction could be better. The handle with the blade attached rattles when it's stowed in the handle. If the wood handle had been milled slightly thicker, it could have slipped into the frame with a friction fit,eliminating this rattle. The wood handle also has a small screw in the top to stop the handle from slipping to far into the handle. On mine it was in the wrong place. The other thing I noticed was there are several holes bored in the aluminum frame, and all of them were oval, much like they were done fast and by hand ,and all of the cut edges were rough. So, all and all, it works but the execution is pretty rough. I think that I can make some improvements on both a new wood handle and the way the blade is stored.I would rate the function a 5 but construction maybe a 2 1/2
(Posted on 1/9/2014)
Outstanding sawReview by Coasterbrookie
Bought the 30" model quite a while back. Am very happy with ease of assembly, portability and construction. Not cheap but you typically get what you pay for (as in all Duluth Pack items). (Posted on 9/1/2013)
Incredible Tool Review by Werebob
This is one of my must-have items when I go hiking/camping and plan on having a fire. This saw makes quick work of any wood I've ever applied it to. It is very light, it folds up into itself making it easy to find pack space for it, or just attach it to the outside of your pack. Sturdy when fully assembled, doesn't twist on you when you're working it back and forth, and the wooden handle allows you to apply a lot of force without the aluminum rails digging into your palm. The perfect hiking saw. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
His saws are the best !Review by xabjw4
I have this saw and a smaller folding 21" he makes. I have met the man, he is a very clever fellow. Jeff
(Posted on 8/13/2013)
The first folding saw I've been really happy with! Review by Essayons
I've owned a whole bunch of folding buck saws over the years, and was never really happy with any of them. This one is different. It deploys faster, stays tighter and cuts straighter than any folding buck saw I've tried. I tested mine on a three day beach hike, and we cut a LOT of driftwood for the fire. Everyone who used this saw commented on how well it cut. It is a keeper. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Cut wood = Firewood Review by donqwan
My first packable, foldable, lightweight saw purchase (aside from a major mistake -- one of those chain-type saws that fits in a tin). Now I'll never need to shop again! A recent camping trip proved this was a worthwhile purchase -- perfectly sharp, and able to handle larger (4" +) logs with ease. If you're doing a lot of cutting, I'd recommend bringing along a glove for your saw hand -- although the grip is fine, working the saw a lot could force some blisters. Great stuff -- be sure to order the carry case and an extra blade, as you'll be using this one a lot. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Best camp saw ever Review by gavin
I've had several packable saws over the years, some too small to be really useful, others too bulky to carry deep into the bush, but this one is certainly the best of both worlds. Once set up, it's tight and stable, but easily folds down into a lightweight, out-of -the-way pouch. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Look no further for the PERFECT camp saw!! Review by Peter
I live and play in the great state of Montana and, over many years of hunting and camping, canoeing, etc., I have come to appreciate a good folding saw as an essential piece of camping gear. Anyway, I've tried a lot of different types and brands of folding/sliding saws in my life and the Dustrude Quick Buck Saw stands head and shoulders above all the competitors. Even when weight is a critial concern, I still find room for the Dustrude beause it's so darn tough, versitale and easy to use. Gathering enough wood to burn through the night is not a problem with this brilliantly engineered tool. Get the Duluth case made for the saw while you're at it - you won't regret it. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Best saw to have! Review by Todd
I did alot of research trying to find the right saw. After several different types, this is the one. I like that it is a little larger through the stroke. Another type I used was like a triangle shape and you couldn't use a long stroke. This one you can. The blade is designed to rid of the saw dust as you cut. It folds up very easily and the grip is tops. Get the carry case. It has an internal pocket to carry an extra blade. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
Excellent lightweight folding sawReview by John Lindner
This saw is lightweight but cuts really well for something so light. The frame is nice and light and the saw is totally sturdy once assembled. (Posted on 8/13/2013)
The best camp saw I've used Review by Dave
We backpack, camp, and cut firewood year 'round in our Minnesota based Scout troop, and this is the best saw I've seen. The blade is sharp and tight, assembly is a snap, and the grip is substantial. Frame height is taller with more operating space than most collapsible saws, making it easy to cut through thicker limbs. It folds up neatly in the optional carrying case. The saw is a bargain, and the optional carrying case seems expensive until you realize how well made and versatile it is, including a pocket for storing a spare blade.
(Posted on 8/13/2013)

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