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Northwoods Bundle

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Northwoods Bundle is great for a weekend at the cabin with friends. This bundle will keep the cabin smelling great while you and your friends gather for drinks and games. Complete with two beanies, four pint glasses with leather sleeves, incense cone and cabin, and a mini-game pack.


  • Hand sewn leather sleeves
  • Classic beanies with leather logo
  • Glass logo pint glass holds 16 US fluid ounces
  • Red Cedar incense cone with cabin
  • 4 x 4 canvas bag filled with a folding cribbage board with pegs, five dice, and a deck of cards
  • All items come in a Duluth Pack Bundle Bag 


  • Red Cedar Incense Cone
  • Red Cedar Incense Cabin
  • Duluth Pack Mini Game Pack
  • 2 Duluth Pack Beanies
  • 4 Duluth Pack Pint Glasses
  • 4 Duluth Pack Pint Sleeves
  • Bundle Bag 

*All colors are pre-determined and shown in images. No exceptions. Returns must include all items of bundle.*

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