Made in America
Makes even weird people regular! Made in Ely, MN. Available in 12oz bag, easy seal zip-lock top to maintain freshness.

Cranberries + Apples + Granola = Crapola!

Say hello to your new favorite breakfast cereal...Introducing Crapola, the best granola in the universe. What makes it so good?

* ONLY premium, natural ingredients. In addition to FIVE organic, whole grains, this recipe includes almonds and pecans, cranberries, apples, and flax. It is lightly sweetened granola exclusively with real maple syrup and honey.
* Crapola is made by hand, frequently and in small batches, so it's always fresh.
* Crapola combines great taste, nutrition, and a sense of humor to make sure you start your day off right - with a crappy morning. Add your name to the list of people who say it's the best granola they ever had!

Crapola is "Made with Love", and:
Organic rolled oats, almonds,maple syrup, honey, organic dried cranberries (with organic evaporated cane juice and organic sunflower oil), pecans, dried apples, canola oil,organic whole grain millet flour, organic barley flakes, organic rye flakes, organic ground flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic puffed rice.

*Note: Contains nuts. May contain shell fragments. Processed on equipment that processes tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, and wheat ingredients.
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