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8oz Leather Dressing

Made in America
Used to restore neglected and cracked leather. Of a similar composition to the Leather Cream, its runnier consistency is designed to deeply penetrate and restore moisture to severely damaged hides. Both the Leather Cream and Leather Dressing can be applied with a soft, white cloth, working the substance into the leather in circular motions it appears to be completely saturated.

With a soft cloth apply a thin coat and gently work the dressing into the leather and seams in small circular motions for deep conditioning.

  • Ideal for untreated leathers, damaged or worn leathers.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Powerful restoration.
  • Deeply conditions.
  • Buffs to a shine.
      Made With:
    • Triple Filtered Beeswax.
    • Seed Oils.
    • Tallow.
    These products can be used on suede, nubuck, rough out leathers...etc. However, us folks at Duluth Pack DO NOT reccomend this. These are not made for these types of products there could be potential problems or discoloration.

      Made in the USA.
    All Natural Ingredients & Locally Sourced.
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