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Gransfors Axe Sharpening File

Gransfors Axe Sharpening File

The world's greatest manufacture of beautiful handmade Swedish Axes, Gransfors Bruks, now brings you a way to maintain your precious axe. With your new Axe Sharpening File you can keep your handmade Swedish Axe as pristine as the day you first purchased it. This wonderful little tool helps to maintain a proper cutting edge on your ax, that would otherwise become dull rendering your tool useless.

The sharpening axe file is easy to carry on your person due to it's convenient size. It comes with a leather case to keep it from becoming damaged so that it will always be in excellent condition when you need it. The Gransfors Bruks Sharpening Axe File is great for any outdoors enthusiast or just for simply sharpening a couple of knives around the house.
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Additional Info
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Brand Gransfors
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Great little file.
I have been reading all the good and bad reviews on the file, and have had my laughs. I particularly enjoyed the man who wrote a bad review just because the handle fell off his steel. Sonny, once in a while they may have a bad batch of glue. They sell super glue at Harbor Freight. Maybe he should have checked out the file, if it is a good file, then he should have bought a tube of super glue, and instead of complaining. I noticed on the package my file came in all the writing was in Swedish. Maybe there was something on the package that said sometimes a handle will fall off, but can quickly be glued back on with super glue. If your not man enough to realize these things happen, then don't complain to us, complain to your mommy and she will give you a glass of milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Then she will complain to us for you.

I wanted to see what this file was like, just like I have tested many sharpening wonders over decades. I am nearing my 7th decade, and have been sharpening knives, since I was about 5, and axes since I was about 8. I have been a collector of knives, axes, and tomahawks for a good 6 decades, and own close to 150 knives. Each one is sharpened to a razor sharp edge. Many have been a challenge depending on their steel makeup. Steels are different. The German steels are softer, and sharpen easy, but hold and edge or warp easy. The Spanish steels are harder, ane harder to sharpen. They do hold an edge better, and don't warp as easily. By warping, I mean when you cut through something the edge warps from side to side out of true center. The knife may not be dull, but when warped it is the same as dull. It won't cut. The steels and straps don't sharpen a knife, but realign a edge to center. The knife hasn't been sharpened, but is just by being realigned so it will cut like butter. Many times a knife doesn't need to be sharpened, but just realigned. Through experience you learn the difference. The Japanese steels are the hardest steels, but many can be a bit brittle. They hold an edge forever, and can be tuned up with the touch of a steel, for realignment. My daily carry knife is a Cold Steel SRK VG1 SAN MAI Knife. It is a good all around self defense and outdoors knife. I've heard war stories about the Japanese knife being brittle and breaking, when you need them. I back mine up with the Schrade SCH36 and SCH37 survival knives. I don't expect any problems with my Cold Steel SRK knife, because I bought my first SRK knife some 40 years ago and it is still serving me well, as a field knife, not a fighting knife which it was designed to do and could do quite well.

Anyway, I received my Gransfor file and tried it out. I tried it out on a small Texas toothpick, that I cannot find a way to sharpen. I don't know why, but it will not sharpen. I have used files, Arkansas stones, steels, wet stones, and diamond files. Nothing seemed to be able to make a dent into the surface of this knife blade. I hit it with the Gransfor sharpening file. Almost immediately, I noticed a difference in the surface of this knife. In a few minutes the Gransfor file had filed down the edge of this impossible knife. WOW! Now, I am able to restore a small Texas toothpick, which is my daily go for everything knife . I have a cane sword, which has been a big sharpening problem. I think the Gransfor file will solve the problem.

I spend a lot of time in the Idaho Wilderness, and need compact things I can depend on. The Gransfor file will be part of my survival pack, from now on. I think with my Gransfor file and my Schade-Walden Old Timer Hone Steel I will be able to keep all my knives and axes sharp.

Of course, all you young people know more than we experienced citizens do. My mommy didn't hand me a glass of milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies every time I failed. Besides I am part Native American, and we don't cling to our mommies. We are expected to step up and be real men.
Review by Outdoors man for 6 decades (Posted on 12/1/2016)
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