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Brown Leather
Brown Leather Black Leather Pistol rug on the woodpile

Bison Leather Pistol Rug

Made in America
Our American Bison Series gun cases and pistol rugs are as finely crafted as your favorite firearm. Made with rich, quality Bison leather each case is built with reinforced leather ends and lined with a premium-padded fleece. The extra thick fleece cushions your firearm from bumps and bruises, but also helps to wick away damaging moisture. Unlike traditional metal zippers, our high quality outdoor specific zippers are much less likely to scratch the finish on your firearm.
Made in USA

Technical Specifications

Bison Leather Pistol Rug

  • Dimensions: Item No. L-309, LP-309 Mini
  • 11.5"L x 3"H up to 7"H
  • Dimensions: Item No. L-310, LP-310 Medium ~ 14” (14L x 4H to 8H) Will accommodate pistols to 11.75 longest dimension.
  • Dimensions: Item No. L-313, LP-313 Large ~ 17” (17L x 4H to 8H) Will accommodate pistols to 15.75 longest dimension
  • Construction: premium bison leather, high quality YKK outdoor specific zippers, two small D-rings, thick fleece
SKU: LB-310, LB-313, LB-309

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