White Sage & Wild Mint
White Sage & Wild Mint Douglas Fir

Juniper Ridge Wild Harvested Tea

Made in America
We offer two of Juniper Ridge's earthy wild harvested teas... White Sage and Wild Mint, and Douglas Fir Spring Tips. Each tea tin contains 20 unbleached tea bags.

INGREDIENTS FOR ALL TEAS: 100% sustainably hand-gathered wild herbs and organic herbs
White sage and wild mint tea: White Sage has a rich, earthy, minty flavor that made it a favorite tea for many of the Native American tribes and early settlers of the Southwest. Now you can enjoy this classic Southwestern tea and daydream of the big rock, White Sage desert country.
  • Douglas fir tip tea: This tea is made from 100% Douglas Fir spring tips from the coastal mountains of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. It has a refreshing, lemony flavor and sweet, forest-like aroma. Nothing else has been added to it, so you can experience the pure, wild taste and foresty aroma of this distinctly Northwestern wild herb delicacy.
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