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Market Tote

Made in America
The most popular tote by Duluth Pack; this simple bag is northwoods-strong. This tote is the ultimate shopping companion, a spacious handbag, the perfect carryall for your day, and even a weekend travel bag. There is no longer a need to be the multi-bag person; toss your lunch, satchel, and gym clothes in your market tote to be ready for the day. Feel organized and prepared when carrying this versatile bag.

  • Four snaps on all sides to secure the bag if desired.
  • Hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality and heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic.
  • Premium leather handles can be adjusted with roller buckles for multiple length options.
  • Riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom.
  • Interior zipped hang pocket for easy access to small items.
  • Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.
  • Dimensions: 14”H x 18”W x 8”D


The roomy Market Tote features a zippered inside 8 x 8-inch pocket for keys, pocket book, grocery list or cell phone, and the whole tote secures with four snaps. Adjustable leather handles. Made in USA.

Item No. B-130 Market Tote

  • Dimensions: 14H x 18W x 8D
  • Capacity: 2,268 cubic inches
Additional Info
Additional Info
Dimensions 14H x 18W x 8D
Customer Reviews (17)
Great travel bag!
I purchased this bag to take with me to Africa. It carried my purse, travel materials, snacks, a jacket and even a camera bag. The bag was invaluable, and now I'm carrying it every day to work. Review by Tbone (Posted on 9/26/2016)
Love this Bag!
Great all around tote that can is big enough to accommodate a few bags of groceries of use the inside snaps to make it smaller. Love, love, love this bag! Review by janine (Posted on 9/19/2016)
It is Convertible
A tote that can convert to a open top backpack switch the straps to front to back, rather than side back and side front. This was done when I was in a Pinch (the straps to a flimsy pack broke) and to dumped all of my stuff in to the tote. It worked great and I have a Waxed canvas type even with and open top everything was dry with the way it hung on me tight to the top of my shoulders. No plastic bag but was dry. Sweet! Review by Deck (Posted on 8/25/2016)
Awesome opossum
I got this four years ago from my husband. I have used it everyday since than as a purse and diaper bag for two kids. It's the best bag/purse. I have worn a couple small holes in the corners because it's so well loved. Only makes me love it more. It's fantastic. Thanks Duluth Pack for another great product. Review by Stephkirk (Posted on 7/9/2015)
perfect in every way
I purchased my first Market tote in canvas this weekend. I have always wanted the "go to bag" that serves multiple purposes but nothing I purchased would withstand daily use. If it did stand up to the use it was too small for what I needed or too cumbersome.
I am a Registered Nurse and would love to see a bag geared toward this profession. My market tote allows me to carry everything I need but pockets would be amazing.
Review by Snowqueen75 (Posted on 6/21/2015)
Market Tote-a-riffic
I brought a market tote in the Fairbault wool stripe a few years back. Whenever I am going for an overnight or on vacation, it is a must luggage piece that I have to have with me. Considering purchasing another one in the red and black checker plaid. Love Duluth Pack for it's quality and hometown touch of being made in Duluth. Review by Amy (Posted on 3/3/2015)
Great Product - Great Company
I have so many Duluth Pack bags that I don't even know how many. My first one was a backpack from over 20 years ago from my high school days. It is in fabulous shape. It is not compromised in any way from its age. I have a couple mud stains on it, but I wouldn't trade them in for anything. My mud stains tag along with me and are reminders of my adventures. Recently I bought one of these market tote bags. It holds more than you think it would be. It's very durable as any Duluth Pack will be. I highly recommend investing in this bag. You will have it with you forever! Review by Jennifer (Posted on 12/5/2013)
Heirloom bag
We bought our two market totes about 8-9 years ago and have used them every week since. Each can carry over 40 pounds of groceries - which I can haul upstairs thanks to the leather shoulder- length handles. They are the go- to, must- have bags for our family. We've given others as gifts to family members across the country and we repeatedly get thanked, even years later. I can easily foresee these bags getting passed on to our daughter for another generation of hard use. Money well spent. Review by Tertz57 (Posted on 8/21/2013)
Had mine for 3 years - still looks great
I ordered 4 Navy Blue Market Totes in 2010 and we use them every time we shop for groceries, go to the beach/pool, or on long car trips.

We get compliments almost every time we're at the store - people really notice the quality!

They're comfortable to carry/wear on the shoulder and 4 totes carry all our groceries for a family of 4.

Our family absolutely loves these bags!!
Review by Adam in Berkeley (Posted on 5/25/2013)
Love it!
I was looking for a "throw it all in and be secure" tote and this is perfect. I love the adjustable handles and the red canvas is beautiful. I am always looking for products made in the U.S.A. Thanks Duluth Pack! One addition that would add to the perfection is a key leash on the inside instead of having to get my keys out of the pocket. Highly recommend! Review by Tandy (Posted on 6/19/2012)
Excellent, well-made, chic tote!
I just received this tote after studying it for awhile...I have been on the lookout for a sturdy and chic work tote that I can use on weekends as well. I like totes that hold their shape even when just sitting in my office; that can carry a mix of folders, books, the day's lunch, scarf/hat/other clothing items, and this is it! It is well-priced compared to other utilitarian totes on the market. I bought the one with black canvas and black leather handles (Great Lakes version), and it is wonderful. Review by Baghound (Posted on 3/17/2012)
Huge, stylish tote!
This bag is like the clown car of tote bags. You can cram so much into this tote, it's incredible. Not to mention how attractive it is. The brass hardware is gorgeous, and the rich Burgundy color sets off the brown leather very well. I recently had a piece of fruit squish inside the bag, and because the bottom is canvas, I was able to handwash the affected area and air dry without affecting the leather, and there was no fading to the color--a huge plus! I use it as an everyday work tote and carry a smaller purse inside of it. While out shopping one day I was asked, "Oh, I love your bag; is that from Nordstrom?", to which I proudly replied, "Nope--it's from Minnesota!" Review by Amanda (Posted on 3/16/2012)
Haul anything, anytime, every where bag!
This bag is phenomenal! I have used it for grocery shopping, school books, computer, over night trips, carrying dog toys/food, etc! No matter how heavy or bulky, my market tote holds everything I cram into it and never even groans at the seams! This bag is USA tough and built to last. They make life-long, fantastic gifts, too! Review by Bowbabe (Posted on 2/7/2012)
Doesn't wear out
I've had this bag for more than a few years (8+) and it shows no sign of wear even though its used more than a couple of times a week. Heading over to the Duluth store buy 2 more for all my shopping this afternoon. Well, as long as I'm in town...... Review by DebB from Missouri (Posted on 11/25/2011)
great all around tote
when I purchased this tote on line I wasn't expecting it to be so large. I LOVE this tote. It is used for everything from overnight trips to trips to the grocery store, to my quilting adventures, everything. The size is perfect and the inside snaps keep things from falling out. Review by lyndbrd (Posted on 7/15/2010)
All-day bag
I got this bag for a friend who teaches yoga and moves from gym to gym all day. This bag serves her very well, she tells me. It carries a change of clothing, including a pair of running shoes and a fleece sweater; water bottle plus Thermos flask; and a couple of hardback novels and writing materials.
The leather adjustable handles come in useful when the load increases (as an equestrian, she appreciates that it's bridle leather). I'd like to suggest leather reinforcement in the bag's lower corners though, her bag's edges have frayed from daily hard use for three years.

Review by bikerarcher (Posted on 10/23/2008)
Love this bag!
I bought this tote last summer and spent a month traveling around Morocco with it. I LOVE it! The straps are adjustable and can be hand-held or over-the-shoulder. It held my purse, water bottle, camera, sweater, and a myriad small items. It was also a great carry on for the plane trip there and back. It will certainly go on my next trip as well.
Review by Bellalillie (Posted on 5/5/2008)
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