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Waxed Canvas Zoom

#4 Timber Cruiser Pack - Canoe Pack

Made in America

If your prerequisites for a portage bag include a practical size for shorter trips, incredible durability, and the ability to strap extra gear on when needed, then look no further than the #4 Timber Cruiser Pack. Made in Olive Drab or Waxed Canvas. All other colors made to order.

  • Ultra burly 15-ounce canvas construction with double bottom.
  • Narrower profile helps alleviate hang-ups when traveling through heavy woods and brush.
  • Rugged leather shoulder straps riveted for extra reinforcement.
  • Large single compartment with built in map pocket.
  • Two side slip pockets with weep holes and adjustable side straps help stabilize your favorite axe or folding saw.
  • Rides low to allow the carrying of a canoe while wearing the pack.
  • Comes with a heavy duty 6ml poly liner and a tumpline.
  • Guaranteed for life. Made in the USA.

Whether using the pack with a basket (20” model) for outdoor work or carrying for a minimalist canoe camping trip, the Timber Cruiser really shines. Burly 15-ounce canvas construction, leather shoulder straps, 1-inch wide riveted leather flap straps, internal map pocket, and two side slip pockets with weep holes will make the Timber Cruiser one of your favorite packs in your outdoor gear quiver. Need to carry an axe or saw along? No problem. Just slide it into one of the side pockets and strap it down. Want a pack that you can stuff with all of your hunting gear for a day in the woods and just throw in the back of the truck on the way? That’s right, the Timber Cruiser will get you where you want to go with everything you need for a short trip into the woods without the extra bulk or fancy bells and whistles. Pack includes tumpline and thick replaceable poly liner. Made in USA

Technical Specifications

Item No. S-204 #4 Timber Cruiser

  • Dimensions: 23H x 21W x 6D
  • Capacity: 4,690 cubic inches : 76.85L
  • Construction: 15 oz canvas, box pack design, double sewn side seams, 1-inch riveted leather pack flap straps, top grade roller buckles, leather reinforcements for all rivets and high stress seams, double canvas bottom, includes M-215 pack liner, compatible with 20” basket, also available in Waxed Canvas

History of this Product

The early loggers came to an uncharted expanse of seemingly endless woodlands. Some areas offered richer rewards than others; more valuable stands of white pine; more accessible stands of cedar. To find the best and most economical lumber, the timber barons sent in “timber cruisers.” These men hiked with map, compass, bedroll, tent and provisions for sometimes weeks at a time, staking the best territory for their firm.The narrower profile and box construction of the Timber Cruiser style pack provided sufficient capacity and the least obstruction while moving through heavy thickets of alder and gooseberry.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Dimensions 23H x 21W x 6D
Customer Reviews (9)
most flexible
pack I own. I was delighted that my old - and uncomfortable - pack basket fit inside. I have two now, one with basket and one without. What a great combination. They sit as comfortably in my truck as in my canoe. They're equally at home in GA as in the Adirondacks. It would be GREAT if you made this same design in an airplane carryon size; you could pay for the pack in 6 flights. Review by jas (Posted on 7/22/2010)
Great Canoe Pack
The Cruiser is my main canoe pack. it holds everything I need for a week of canoeing, camping, deer hunting. It's so handy that I grab it instead of a suit case for auto travel. And, after years, it's like new. Review by pjwood (Posted on 7/19/2010)
Pack turned to suitcase?
A year to three ago, I foolishly ordered a Timber Cruiser pack without checking the dimensions. It amazed me with its size! Instead of returning it, I chose to keep it and use it instead of a suitcase when we travel. Checking into motels has become a joy, now that both hands are free to help my wife through doors, and to use key cards without dropping them.

Another bonus of this "monster" pack is that it can swallow my largest pack basket for woodland trips. And the basket give protection for my photo equipment out on the trail, while the Timber Cruiser protects them from any and all rain.
Review by bobc (Posted on 7/19/2010)
five stars
we bought his pack for our son about15 years ago for his boy scout outings. It still looks new. We have since purchased them for graduation gifts. Great product Review by lyndbrd (Posted on 7/15/2010)
great for collecting shed antlers
when you're not up in quetico, the timber cruiser makes a dandy pack for shed hunting. the largest antler will fit right in the pack no problem. i've never filled it up but i usually don't find that many antlers. but i'm prepared baby, i'm prepared. Review by buck (Posted on 4/6/2010)
A rugged workhorse
I have had mine for 6 years now. Will carry anything you're capable of hauling. I keep the leather well lubricated and use the available padded shoulder pads and the pack shows little abuse from our Canadian woods, water and wildlife. Nothing in it ever gets wet and it has been through many a downpour. Review by Buckhorn47 (Posted on 11/30/2009)
great pack
I have a smaller version, apparently no longer available. It, and presumably the #4, are fine for canoe trips in which the guides take care of the tents, food, and communal equipment. The Cruiser will hold one's clothes, sleeping bag, small mat, and personal stuff good for a trip of several days up to a week.
Review by Blair (Posted on 6/5/2009)
A great pack
I've used this one for years. It's a perfect size for one person for a week - holds personal gear, bag, pad, and tent in one easy-to portage bundle. It'll never wear out so my descendants will be using it, too, no doubt.
Review by LL (Posted on 4/22/2009)
Most used pack I own.
I've taken this pack all over the world on some very tough trips. This is nothing but rugged and dependable. I remember one trip in Central America, when everyones gear was getting soaked, I was not worried at all, mine was all dry! This is the first pack I get ready when I go to the Boundary Waters. I use the padded shoulder covers and makes for a very comfortable portage. If you ever do any wilderness tripping, this is one pack that you may want to evaluate for your trip.
Review by Todd (Posted on 2/4/2008)
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