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Dave Canterbury has more than 20 years of experience and personal training from both a Civilian and Military standpoint. He joined the U.S. Army at age 17, eventually becoming a Special Reaction Team (SRT) Trainer/Instructor, SRT sniper and SRT scout. He trained soldiers in unarmed combat and close-quarter techniques. After leaving the Army, Canterbury worked on a reptile farm and as a commercial fisherman and diver in the Florida saltwater marshes.

He put his background, skills and training to work for the next phase of his career — learning and now teaching wilderness survival at his Pathfinder Training School in Southeast Ohio. Canterbury, a professional hunting guide and tracker, has posted over 300 survival-themed instructional videos on the web. He is also the author of The Pathfinder System: A Common Man's Guide to Survivability. He is the Owner of the Pathfinder Training School in SE Ohio and has over 500 students Worldwide.

Duluth Pack Pathfinder Products

Through Dave's quest to find products that are truly durable and stand up to the wilderness, we've created the Pathfinder Pack , designed by Dave himself.

Dave Canterbury
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Adventure, authenticity and great northern territories: Christophe Marie sets up “Jack & Son : adventure Tradition a travel agency for those in search of wilderness. The myth of the great northern territories’ explorers and trappers becomes a reality.

Wonderful expeditions in an exceptional setting.

Jack & Son was formed in 2009 by owner Christophe Marie and is one of the few French “receptive” adventure travel agency registered in Yukon (Whitehorse, Canada).

It offers expeditions that are unique, different from those sold by big tour operators: Customized, intimate, convivial and thematic tours (jack London, Jeremiah Johnson, Lewis & Clark), in remote and untouched parts of the wilderness, in total autonomy but with professionally trained guides fluent in both French and English.

This travel agency is the go-to place for those who love nature and the great northern territories, those who enjoy remote wilderness.  Our trips are customized, adapted to everyone’s request and capacities: canoe, sea kayak, trekking, fishing, archery, initiation to customs of the natives, observing the fauna and flora, initiation to the “leave no trace” environmental project or traditional cooking.

They offer four categories of tours/trips:
-Rivers expeditions: Pelly river, Yukon river, Big Salmon river, Teslin river
-Muti-activities camps: Dezadeash lake , Kluane lake
-Hiking and expeditions: Chilkoot trail, Kluane national park, Tombstone mountains
-Rivers and lakes: fishing camp at the Dezadeash lake, Teslin river, Yukon river.

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Christophe Marie/ Canada
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867 668 40 42

Ed Wargin has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. Originally from Duluth, Minnesota, he shares our love of the Northwoods and of course, the Great Lakes.

Fresh Coast Project

The Fresh Coast Project is the endeavor to capture the Great Lakes on film. With decades behind the lens, professional photographer Ed Wargin has dedicated his craft and career to discovering the Great Lakes, one frame at a time. The breadth and size of the Fresh Coast consists of over 10,000 miles of shoreline running along the shores of Canada and the northern United States. In a small way, it is the goal of the Fresh Coast Project to create a sense of unity throughout the states and Canada so that as minds reflect upon this area and its landscape, people, traditions, and culture, they will have a strong visual sense of the Great Lakes region.

"So with film camera in hand and an eye on the lakes I continue with this journey, this professional quest, wrestling many unknowns as I go forward. But one thing that is known for certain, each picture made is one more that will serve the collection, and it is my hope to honor this great freshwater landscape by completing the project before film becomes a notion of the past. I hope you will join me in this attempt to capture our Great Lakes on both the American and Canadian shores in The Fresh Coast Project." - Ed Wargin

Click the image below to see the finished book.

Ed Wargin
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