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Companion Bundle

The Companion Bundle keeps man's best friend happy while sporting Duluth Pack Gear. The bundle includes a dog leash, a logo bandana, a travel pet bowl for a snack or water break, and a treat bag!

Early Riser Bundle

The Early Riser's Bundle is created to help you enjoy the morning. Spoil yourself with fresh coffee out of our campfire mug, some chocolate that appears as it came right out of the lake and a comfy beanie.

The Explorer's Bundle

The Explorer's Bundle is for anyone that travels. The bundle includes a leather logo key fob, a leather snap card case to keep all your cards together, a campfire mug and coffee from Duluth Coffee Company, a travel valet to keep your valuables together, and raw patch hat. With this bundle, you will have all the accessories needed to make your trip great, whether that's in the woods or anywhere else.

The Little Adventurer Bundle

The Little Adventurer bundle is designed with the Little Adventurer in mind. Consisting of a classic beanie, a goodnight story, a game pack for instant entertainment, and a little treat after a hard day of exploring.

The Northwoods Bundle

The Northwoods Bundle is great for a weekend at the cabin with friends. This bundle will keep the cabin smelling great while you and your friends gather for drinks and games. Complete with two beanies, four pint glasses with leather sleeves, incense cone and cabin, and a mini-game pack.