Duluth Pack Retail Store is Open!

Duluth Pack and all other Canal Park businesses are open! Due to the recent flooding, there has been a lot of speculation as to the condition of the city of Duluth, especially the Canal Park area.  While numerous homes and roads in Duluth and the surrounding area have sustained damage,…


Love in the Wild Season 2!

Heritage Style Backpack on National TV Show’s 2nd Season If you’re wondering what backpacks the contestants on the new NBC TV show “Love in the Wild” are wearing, the answer is: it’s the American-made Duluth Pack Wanderer. This pack was chosen because of its durability and ruggedness, which is essential…


Duluth Pack is Stormy Kromer’s Featured Retailer!

Visit the link on Stormy Kromer’s Blog: Featured Retailer: Duluth Pack | May 30, 2012   If you’ve never heard of Duluth Pack, it’s okay. You’ve probably just never been outside. If you’re not the type to venture beyond the wilds of your own backyard, it’s all right. The Duluth…

Duluth Pack Monarch

How to Clean and Maintain your Duluth Pack Bags

Caring for your Duluth Pack is easier than you may think.  It’s time to take your packs out of the closet, if you haven’t already, and get them ready for your next adventure!   Caring for your Canvas & Leather Duluth Pack Products Duluth Pack products only get better with…

Great Wall of China- Sparky Bag

2012 Photo Contest Winners!

Thank you to all of our Duluth Pack fans who participated! We received an overwhelming response with great images attached, of course.  The best part for us is seeing our bags take on exactly what they’re designed to. The Results are In And Congratulations to our winners!  As difficult a…

Trail Running

Tales from the Trails

 Trail Running through Chester Bowl The thing I love about trail running is similar to what most people love about canoeing, camping, hiking, or fishing. IT’S OUTDOORS! It is such a wonderful escape from all the pavement. Stub your toe on a root and not a broken glass bottle in…

Leek Stalks

Stalking the Wild Leek (with recipe!)

Delicious Wild Edibles It’s the time of year when one of the most delicious wild edibles thrusts itself out from under the leaves with reckless abandon—the wild leek. Here in Duluth the leek is often the very first green you’ll see in the woods. This makes them easy to find…