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Cedar Lake Organic Tea - Mango Black, Red Chai, Wisconsin Blueberry Green Tea


SKU: CLT-003

Mango Black:

Zesty blend of black tea flavored with Mango. 

Seeking a morning starter? This premium whole-leaf black tea is blended with mellow organic mango sweetness that will keep you going without the buzz of coffee.

Also try it as a refreshing drink over ice.

Ingredients: Organic Mango Flavored Black Tea.

Includes 15 Tea Bags, High Caffeine

Red Chai:

A smooth red tea blended with traditional Indian spices for a delightfully spicy tea. Caffeine free so you can drink it all day. Delicious over ice with a splash of milk or non-dairy creamer.

Ingredients: Organic Vanilla Rooibos, organic cloves, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic peppercorns, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla flavor

Includes 15 Tea Bags, High Caffeine

Wisconsin Blueberry

Experience the delightful aroma and taste of fresh blueberries as you steep this smooth green tea. You don't have to pick your own blueberries to reap the antioxidant benefits of our healthy organic green tea with fresh blueberry flavor.

Our low caffeine Wisconsin Blueberry is a soothing cup to curl up with when made hot or try a cup iced.

Kids approve this tea!

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, organic corn flower, organic blueberry flavoring

Includes 15 Tea Bags, Low Caffeine