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Leather Leash
Leather Leash
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SKU: HEN-0009
Leather Leash



When only the finest will do for your best friend, look no further than our premium leather dog leash. Available in black or dark brown leather.


  • Riveted for extra reinforcement near handle and clasp.
  • Leash is 61-inches long and 1-inch wide.
  • "Duluth Pack" stamped near the handle.

2 Reviews 4.5/5
Product Review
I just received my Duluth Pack leash about 10 days ago. I use it several times each day. I have tried 1/2 dozen other high priced leashes. I like this one best. The leather quality is top notch. It was a little stiff at first but, with daily use, quickly became very supple. One reviewer mentioned one of the screw rivets on his leash became unscrewed quickly. I have not had that issue at all. I love this leash!
doug b.
Product Review
I bought one for my 60 pound mutt when they were $45.....they used screw in rivets on this and my mutt got too excited, pulled hard and the rivets on the handle came out.....sent it back and they fixed it with pound in rivets....wish they would have replace the screw in rivets with pound in rivets on the clasp part also but they didnt....anyhow, they fixed it in reasonable time for free....seems to be holding up fine.....
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